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optiplex gx270, new graphics card?

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optiplex gx270, new graphics card?

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hello, i have a slim optiplex gx270. i'm looking for an upgrade for my current graphics card. i dont know much about graphics cards. i have changed out a motherboard in a different computer, so i think i can handle swapping out a graphics card.  this is my 11 year old sons computer, he mostly plays games and watches youtube videos. the games he plays aren't too intense, he plays mindcraft., world of tanks, sims, etc. the only game he hasn't been able to play is: lego star wars the video game episode 1,2, & 3.  this is what dell says i have : Card, Graphics, 64MB, NVidia, Low Profile, OptiPlex. if you need more info on the current card, please tell me where to look. i found this one on amazon : PNY VCGFX55APB Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 128MB DDR SDRAM AGP 8x Graphics Card. i also found this one on amazon : Dell Nvidia GeForce5 FX5200 128MB Windows 7 Dual DVI Low Profile SFF AGP Video Graphics Card. am i on the right track, will either of these work?   it only has 2 sticks (1 gig) of memory, do i need to install more?  will i need to upgrade the power supply? it has 210w max output right now.   i don't know if this is important information, but i will be replacing (not upgrading) the motherboard in a few days because it died.  thank you for helping. -brandy

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