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Outlet Computers - Scratch and Dent

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I have been looking at some computers on the outlet and some are categorised as just "scratch and dent" whereas others are both "scratch and dent" and "certified refurbished" - does this mean the computers with JUST "scratch and dent" are brand new computers?

Thanks  :) 

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  • Hi kirstin1,

    Yes, these can be new computers that have been opened by the customer, found a scratch or a dent, and returned.  Sometimes Outlet computers are refused shipments, or misdirected shipments that are returned.  We are unable to resell a returned computer as "new" due to mail order laws, so we sell them as refurbished or scratch and dents.  

    Enjoy the discount and have fun with your new computer.




  • I would be very careful in buying a computer from Dell Outlet. I was in the market for a desktop and searched the Outlet every day. I did not want a refurbished computer, so i carefully checked for "Outlet New"  and " Scratch and Dent" only computers. I found a "scratch and dent" computer i wanted and ordered it. I certainly could live with cosmetic blemishes. When i received the unit it seemed okay when i unpacked it. I opened the case up to look inside and the machine was full of dust, the exhaust fans and vent outlets were full of the dust you see when a computer has been used for quite some time. It was abvious that this was a "USED" machine and should not of been sold as a "scratch and dent"!!! Computers are like cars, once it leaves the lot or factory and is used, the value drops considerably. And to make matters worse, the previous owners netowrk and computer name were still on the operating system. Now, i have to spend my day stopping payment on my credit card, and dealing with Dell on this matter. BUYER BEWARE!!!!


  • Well I am a UK dell customer or im trying to be. Dont know why I have to keep chasing them..

    I looked at the outlet for a week or so and decided to get a M6600 at £1200 on the 22/02/2012, Well My good old bank here in the uk stopped the payment ..

    As soon as i found this out the next day via my bank calling me.. Not a word from dell, no call no emails.. 23/02/2012

    So at 9.15 I called dell. this number that number every number i was given by dell was the wrong number. time and time again. remember this is an 0844 number .. on the 14-15 call wow someone could help.  I was told they needed my card info again and to contact my bank. My bank now knows im buying from dell I said to the man. He said it will go to the payments department and I will get an email by the end of the day.. 23/02/2012 10 am ish

    3pm I called again and said no emails.. Is the card ok.. I was told again that it will be done by the end of the day. in the worst case 24 hours MAX.

    Today 24/02/2012. called again at 10am. after a number of online chats.. I told them the story and again gave my card info.. This will be done in 2-3 hours..

    Now its 7PM in the uk and dell are not open again until monday.. I have to wait yet again.. A coule of days i seen in the news that dells shares dorpped alot.. Could this be why as we cant even buy them... any reply from dell i would love to hear what they have got to say.. I have my internet order number ready for them..

    ~@Re the dust~ if its covered in dust send it back. if you can get a hold of anyone that is...




  • Do NOT trust the Dell outlet. They represent that they are selling you one computer and ship you a different one. There customer service department then tries to avoid dealing with the problem. They even get their fraud verification department involved to prevent you from getting the correct machine. When you try returning the wrong machine they sent you, they give you all sort of problems and delay responding appropriately. Don't trust them.

  • I've bought two outlet systems both with excellent results. And less chance of an order delay. Highly recommended.

  • Usually, the outlet PC's are a good buy, at least here in the US.  However, I've looked at them and on occasion, depending on what is available in the outlet, new systems were on sale at an equal or even less price than some outlet models.  The only item is to look close at the exact description to see what is included with the specific model and make sure it's what you want or what you can "live with".

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