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XPS 8300 USB 3.0 Support

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XPS 8300 USB 3.0 Support

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Originally the XPS 8300 had an option to add a USB 3.0 card as a custom configuration option.  A few days ago this was removed.  I tried contacting Dell support to find out if there is a problem adding USB 3.0 to the XPS 8300, but they could only tell me that it was no longer and option (which I already knew).  Can a Dell support person tell me a) why USB 3.0 was removed as an option  b) is there some inherent problem with the XPS 8300 that causes it to not be able to support an added USB 3.0 card.

It does not seem like the chipset motherboard problems should be related to USB 3.0 support, but the sudden removal of this option makes me uneasy.  I don't want to buy a new machine that cannot support USB 3.0 or has some inherent problem with USB 3.0.

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  • Now the USB 3.0 option is back. However it adds a 13 day delay to the shipment time. There has to be something going on here. I wish Dell would clarify.

  • It's more than a full month now if we want the 3.0. I ordered mine a week ago and it was an extra 13 days. I just hope they deliver mine on time, I have to return my HP 570T until May 15.

  • USB 3.0 is not even an option now. Is that because some sort of problem or just backordered parts ? I have already ordered mine with 3.0 but I'm concerned why it's no longer available.

  • I ordered mine on 4/4 (with usb 3.0).  The expected delivery date is 5/6.  That has not slipped yet. 

  • I chated with a CR and he confirmed my configuration with the 3.0. Ordered on March 30 and expect delivery on April 29. Other manufacturers have the 3.0 available without delay (HP,Microvelocity).

  • Just an FYI... There are problems with USB 3.0 regarding XPS laptops... see the thread XPS 15 - USB 3.0 Problems

    In regards to the laptops, the ports are unreliable and drop connection to most any device.... Supposedly Dell engineering is looking into this.

  • I have a USB 3.0 PCI card on my HP 570T and use it with a WD MYBOOK 2 TB HDD. So far, not a single problem. I believe HP uses the same card as DELL (NEC). Dell is also still ofering USB 3.0 on the XPS laptops. I hope those are different animals because the complains about the laptops are very serious. I am returning the HP because it was affected by the Intel SandyBridge Cougar Point  recall.

  • I originally placed the order for an XPS 8300 with a USB 3.0 card on 4/4. I was supposed to receive it on 5/6. Now I am being told I will receive it on 6/20. Could there really be a supply problem with USB 3.0 parts? That seems strange to me. I guess it is time to look at a different vendor and cancel my order.