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Dell Inspiron 1501 Processor Upgrade

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Dell Inspiron 1501 Processor Upgrade

  • Hi, I was really hoping that I could find some sort of processor upgrade for my laptop, as many games I play are very slow. Is there any other processor I can order?
  • You can use a faster Turion, but the main reason for the games being slow is probably not the CPU, but the video chip, which is not upgradeable.


  • Cool! Do you know how I can order it, as I can not find it on the upgrade page? And if it is the video chip, is there any way I can slightly overclock it? It seems to be a great chip to me.
  • You'll have to locate and install the CPU on your own - Dell doesn't do upgrades.  Keep the original CPU for the duration of the warranty, as the new one won't be covered.

    No, you can't overclock.


  • Ok, how do I know what processor is available for my computer? Thanks for your help so far!
  • You need a socket S1 Turion.



    For example,





  • Thank you so much!
  • hello i have also 1501 amd turion x2 TL-52 so its 31w for Thermal Design Power,  can i use for expample TL-66 which have 35w Thermal Design Power????  do i need change bios?? and how about stability? kind regards 
  • sorry the newest is TL-68 this will work with dell 1501?
  • Will TL-68  work with dell 1501?  

  • Yes!

  • Hi Holybaboon,

    Just curious how your temperatures are running with that CPU.

  • I used a cooling fan underneath it.  Big Smile

  • I heard you can only put a processor of 533MHz in this laptop.