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Max CPU for Inspiron 7000 (PII-300)

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Max CPU for Inspiron 7000 (PII-300)

  • Guys,

    My last post on the subject, but to finalise the subject - whats the maximum CPU that I can fit into my Inspiron 7000 (standard a PII-300), which from the list below would be most suitable for a stable upgrade?

    MMC2 Intel Mobile Pentium II 333 MMC2 Laptop CPU
    MMC2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 450 MMC2 Laptop CPU
    MMC2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 500 MMC2 Laptop CPU
    PGA2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 500 PGA2 Laptop CPU
    MMC2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 600 MMC2 Laptop CPU
    PGA2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 600 PGA2 Laptop CPU
    MMC2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 650 MMC2 Laptop CPU
    PGA2 Intel Mobile Pentium III 750 PGA2 Laptop CPU

    Cheers, ASH

  • Your motherboard is rated for a PII-400 or Celeron 466 max.


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  • Ohhh, I was hoping for something more powerful! No chance of a PIII working is there? OR a PII-500?

    Cheers, ASH

  • Not to my knowledge, ulness you replace the motherboard... but then you run into a whole slew of problems with compatibility... not to mention you've spent almost enough to buy a new notebook.


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  • Ahhhhh well, shame! - My memory arrived from Crucial, within 1.5 days, can't believe it!

    Fitting it tonight, just gotta find some instructions on how to get to the internal chip!!!

    Cheers, ASH
    nv22 wrote:
    - Not to my knowledge, ulness you replace the
    - motherboard... but then you run into a whole slew of
    - problems with compatibility... not to mention you've
    - spent almost enough to buy a new notebook.
    -  I7000
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  • Ashleyhall,

    You would need the 500 P3 MMC-2 module. Someone else posted here it was done ok, even though the system reported a P2 processor.


    I4000 700Mhz Intel® Mobile Pentium® III, 100 MHz bus
    3Com mini-PCI combo 10-100 NIC/56k Modem (part #313-7776)
    GeForce2 Go video board part number - 4D597
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  • REally, and that will actually work, it won't burn anything out will it? and will it run at twice the speed my current PII300 is? or just a tad faster?

    Plus, do you know anyone in the UK that supplies CPU's at decent prices?

    Cheers, ASH

  • > REally, and that will actually work, it won't burn
    > anything out will it?
    I am writing this post using my upgraded I7K and it is not burnt for sure ;) To be honest as I see the machine is not as hot as it was with PII-400.

    >and will it run at twice the
    > speed my current PII300 is? or just a tad faster?
    Yes, this may be almost twice the speed of PII-300. Besides of the clock speed advantage - the PIII-500 works with 100MHz FSB (PII-300 runs at 66MHz FSB) - the memory subsystem also works at this speed (that is why to be able to make an upgrade like this I had to replace 66MHz SDRAM with 100MHz SDRAM modules...). The internal cache of PIII runs at full CPU speed, the CPU core is more efficient than it was in PII. And You can use applications (video drivers too) optimized for SSE instruction set.

    Greetings to all I7K users...

  • And one more thing. My system (according to information from DELL's site) has been shipped on 8/23/1999. I do not know if it is important, but - who knows - maybe there were different revisions of I7K internals?


  • Max cpu is a PIII 850mhz, but you must have a mobo rev. a01 and a15 bios.  This mobo does not support speedstep technoligy though, so it will always runs in the slower speed.  For example, I have a 7000 with a PIII 750mhz mmcII, but it is recognized as a PII 600mhz (still a vast improvement over the 366 I had).  The 850 is only going to run at 700mhz.  For more info such as specific part numbers that are compatible, search the forums for i7000 posts written by speedstep - a very helpful person btw.

    Edit:  It does actually run cooler with a pIII.

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  • Thats silly It can take all the way to a PentiumIII 850 but it wont run at full speed.  Updating the bios will allow it to recognize the P3 But it wont support speedstep. Your advice and Knowledge on this issue are Very Limited and Incorrect.  The REV1 motherboard works fine with Pentium3's Dell Inspiron 7000A PIII Processor Upgrade

    Originally posted: April 2002 By Tony Luzynski System Original Processor: PII 366Mhz (Intel Product Tracking Code PMG36602001AA) Current Processor: PIII 600Mhz (Intel PTC PMM60002001AA)

    Operating system: Windows 98SE BIOS Rev A15 Motherboard Rev A01 512MB Ram (100Mhz)

    If you are reading this page, you must not presume that I know what I'm doing.  If you are attempting to upgrade your processor, you are doing it at  your own risk.  I do not guarantee that any of the information one this page is accurate.  If you are serious about upgrading the processor in your Inspiron 7000, you should read the threads in DellTalk to ensure that you understand all the issues.  I recommend that you read threads at least through November 2001.

    Inspiron - Upgrade Hardware (DellTalk)

    MMC-2 Package The processor on the I7K has an MMC2 connector package. It is not soldered to the motherboard. I know there is a poster on alt.sys.pc-clone.

    MMC2 package (Top)                            MMC2 package (Bottom)

    If this is what Intel calls a CPU, then it’s good enough for me.  Download  the service manual at the following link to see how the processor is installed:

    I7K service manual (Dell Support)   Motherboard Revision It is critical that you determine which version of the motherboard you have. (See next section 00Mhz System Bus.) There were two motherboard revs in the I7K of which Im aware.  To be certain which motherboard revision you have you should take the machine apart and look at the markings etched into the board under the memory module. My I7K has the rev A01 motherboard. These are the markings etched into the board:TS 30I2 LA383 REV 1.0 07/13/98 Here are my thoughts on why I recommend that you look at the motherboardetermining your motherboard rev (DellTalk)

    Here is a way to determine the motherboard version by examining the etchings in the memory compartment under the computer. This method doesn't require you to disassemble your computer.MOBO RAM Method (DellTalk)

    This link provides some confirmation of the above method.  (FWIW, the etchings on my motherboard are identical to those in the memory compartment.)

    Determining which I7K motherboard (DellTalk)

    If you have the rev A00 motherboard this page won't help you. Some upgraders are trying Celeron 466Mhz processors but I have not been following either what works or what doesn’t. There are some thoughts in the following link: A00 motherboards (DellTalk)

    Manufacturing History: The “TS 30I2� etching is a telltale WRT the manufacturing origins of the I7K. “SpeedStep� pointed out in DellTalk that Compal, a company in Taiwan that manufactures computers for Dell, produced a model called the TS30i2. Click here for a possible source for parts.

    100Mhz System Bus The rev A01 will allow you to use certain processors having a 100Mhz bus (namely PIII MMC2s). (See next section “Which Processors Work?â€�) Consequently, you will need to replace all your existing 66Mhz memory  with 100Mhz memory. This includes the memory chip on the motherboard. (Most people have been led to believe that the memory chip on the motherboard is soldered. It is not. It plugs in like the memory in the memory bay.)Rev A01 motherboard, 100Mhz bus & memory (DellTalk)

    The nice thing about this is that you can take this puppy up to 768 Megs (256M X 3 Slots). I’m running 512 Megs (256 on the motherboard and 128 in each of the slots in the memory bay). Even if you don’t upgrade the processor, the memory enhancement is worth doing by itself. It adds a lot of stability to the system. Programs start faster. A good place to get reliable memory is Crucial. By the way, unlike 128 Meg memory, 256 Meg memory comes in two flavors: low-density and high-density. Only low-density memory will work with the 440BX chipset on the I7K.

    100Mhz memory from Crucial,+PC100&Package=144-pin+SODIMM

    A word about memory (DellTalk)

    A word about buying memory retail (144 pin SODIMM Low-Density 256K SDRAM) (DellTalk)

    Which Processors Work? There has been reported success (and failure) on the A01 motherboard with MMC-2 processors running at various speeds.Specification summary (Doesn't include all MMC-2 processors)

    Intel specification update (PDF file)

    Note: Helpful especially for the faster processors. The errata elaboratesfurther on differences in the specifications, none of which I understand.Location of the PTC on the processor

    PTC breakdown (scroll to bottom of page)

    Some upgraders have reported success with the 500Mhz processor but I could never get this processor to work. I finally succeeded with the 600Mhz processor.  Here is a post from the first upgrader to try PMM60002001AA. 

    His experience matches mine. First known attempt with PMM60002001AA (DellTalk)

    One upgrader has suggested that the reason this processor works is related to the core-bus ratio. The CPU has to run at a multiple of the bus clock. Multiples can be in 1/2 steps. It doesn't explain why others succeeded with the 500Mhz processor and I did not. Since I am not a computer jock, I don't understand this issue, but you can read about it here: The core-bus ratio controversy (DellTalk)

    Amplification (DellTalk)

    Another explanation is related to the voltage requirements surrounding  Intel's SpeedStep technology. You can read about it here: SpeedStep Technology (DellTalk)

    Notes: Since I completed my processor upgrade in April 2002, there have been many upgrades with 700Mhz and 800Mhz processors. Back in April, upgraders were very particular about the PTC of the CPU. I tried a 600Mhz processor with Intel PTC PMM60002101AB. It started fine, but after prolonged use it turned hinky. I am superstitious and would not try a processor PTC that did not end  with ...2001AA. However there have been both successes and failures for a variety of PTC's with speeds above 600Mhz. I can't detect any apparent pattern with the faster processors so I can't tell you what PTC's to stay away from. If you are thinking of purchasing a processor, do your own search of the posts in DellTalk for the PTC, see what comes up and draw your own conclusions. A word of caution about MHz envy: You can see from the benchmarks of my upgrade that my new processor is running at 500Mhz not 600Mhz.  This is because the I7K BIOS does not support speed stepping.  A 700Mhz processor will only get you 550Mhz.  You'll pay a premium for speed and this may not be a good investment in the I7K. However, the law of supply and demand rules. 600Mhz processors may be scarce and the faster chips plentiful. I have seen some good prices on the faster processors. As a rule of thumb, I think a price of $100 +/- is good. Anyway, 850Mhz is the fastest processor that has been tried successfully.

    You can read about it here.

    So-called “new� chips are not brand new. They are pulled from various older laptop models, which did not sell. I personally would not bid on a processor if the PTC was not posted in the ad. It may not mean anything, but I like to believe that a vendor who takes the trouble to state exactly what he/she is selling is more likely to take the trouble to handle the chip correctly. Installation Instructions One picture is worth a thousand words. These links show both graphics and procedures for removing the key components involved in upgrading the processor. Thanks to “SpeedStep� who provided these links in DellTalk.

    Taking things out in general

    Removing the Keyboard

    Note: Lift the keyboard cable away only after the ZIF connector is opened. Pulling the cable from a closed connector damages the conductive coating on the end of the cable.

    Removing the Thermal Shield

    Removing the Heatsink/Fan Assembly

    Removing the Processor Here are some brief instructions for disassembling the I7K. However, I strongly recommend that you become thoroughly familiar with the graphics and detailed procedures in the above links.

    Quick and dirty instructions (DellTalk)

    Possible Restart Problems After doing a restart or depressing the CTRL-ALT-DELETE buttons twice, you might experience an incomplete shutdown after the restart has begun just before the Widows 98 shell loads.  You will have to hold the power button down for about 12 seconds to get the I7K to completely shut down.  I experienced this symptom using the CHURCH drivers for the ATI LT Rage Pro video card posted on Dell's support site.  These drivers are compatible with DirectX version 6.  I replaced the Dell drivers with drivers from the ATI site which are compatible with DirectX version 8.1.  Since then no problems.  Here is the link:Alternate LT Rage Pro Drivers ( Driver Updates These drivers are more recent than those posted on Dell Support. The links cover all operating systems. LT in Modem ES1968 Maestro 2 Sound Card Synaptics Touchpad LT Rage Pro Display Adapter (ATI Customer Care)

    Click here for everything you wanted to know about the Rage Pro chipset but were afraid to ask. This site is worth looking at especially if you have replaced the LT Rage Pro display adapter with the ATI Mobility-P or are using Windows 2000/XP.

    Start with the “Rage Pro Chipsetâ€� link and then find the links for either “Windows 2000/XP Driver Information, Development and Downloadsâ€� or “Windows 98/Me Driver Information, Development and Downloadsâ€�.Luxsonar DVD Decoder Card (LS242) Windows 2000 Drivers (Dell Support) Installation Instructions for Win 2000 Drivers in Win XP (DellTalk)

    Helpful Software (Freeware) SiSoft Sandra WCPUID Intel Frequency ID Utility 3DMark®2000 v1.1 (supports the LT Rage Pro and Mobility-P adapters)

    The Intel Site I believe explains 2 things.

    1 Why a 500 Mhz cpu will fail if it has speed step. (It wants to run at Less than 1.0 Volt ) What is the maximum speed you can expect without speed step bios AKA if you dont support speed step it runs in slow mode all the time. Table 1: Maximum Performance vs. Battery Optimized Mode Maximum Performance Mode Battery Optimized Mode Frequency Voltage Max. Power Consumption Frequency Voltage Max. Power Consumption 500 MHz** 1.1 V 8.1 W 300 MHz .975V 4.5 W 600 MHz** 1.1 V 9.7 W 300 MHz .975V 4.5 W 600 MHz* 1.35V 14.4W 500 MHz 1.10V 8.1 W 600 MHz 1.6 V 20.0W 500 MHz 1.35V 12.2W 650 MHz 1.6 V 21.5W 500 MHz 1.35V 12.2W 700 MHz 1.6 V 23.0W 550 MHz 1.35V 13.2W 750 MHz 1.35V 17.2W 500 MHz 1.10V 8.1W 750 MHz 1.6 V 24.6W 550 MHz 1.35V 13.2W 800 MHz 1.6 V 25.9W 650 MHz 1.35V 15.1W 850 MHz 1.6 V 27.5W 700 MHz 1.35V 16.1W 900 MHz 1.7 V 30.7W 700 MHz 1.35V 16.1W 1000MHz 1.7 V 34.0W 700 MHz 1.35V 16.1W * Low Voltage Version ** Ultra Low Version I installed a 650 with Speed step and it runs at 500Mhz. PMM65002001AA I've seen 850's on ebay and may buy one just to see if it works. The 500's with speed step run at less than 1 volt which I believe fails because the mobo cannot adjust down to that low. I'm using a Rev 1.0 100 Mhz Mobo. I verified this by opening the ram bay on the bottom and reading this. Then reverified this when I did the cpu. Its near the Edge Paralell to the Ram slots and is hard to read. But in the right Light its legible. 

    Search EBAY for CPU's



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  • Shoot, it was a00 rev, not a01.  Yes, my knowledge on the subject is very limited.  I was only able to upgrade my i7k because I read your posts on the subject very carefully, but it has been a while.  I am quite happy with my inspiron now.  Thanks Speedstep.