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How you differentiate Dell latitude e6400 and Dell inspiron 1420?

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How you differentiate Dell latitude e6400 and Dell inspiron 1420?

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I am interesting in purchase of used Dell laptop,, please tell me the difference and price difference between both the models?????? More Suggestions welcomed .

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  • To find out the prices of the models when they were new, google reviews for each model. The reviewers will mention the prices they paid.

    To learn about the features of each model, go to the Dell Manuals home page

    and follow the links to the owner's manuals. You might have to start by clicking on "Select a different product" to see the links. After you download the manuals there are 2 important sections to look at. First, at the beginning of the manual is a section of diagrams of the outside of the computer describing the various features. Secondly, in the back of the manual is a section called specifications. Use those 2 sections to compare the 2 models to each other.

    Lastly, Dell laptops are customized at the time pf purchase, so there are some things that only the seller can tell you, such as the processor speed and amount of memory.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Hi Trapaniaa,

    The Latitude line of laptops are geared toward business use, while the Inspirons are made for the home user. In general, a Latitude model with similar specs to an Inspiron will be a bit more expensive, but they are built to higher standards and can be expected to have fewer problems over the long run.

  • Regarding my earlier advice about the manuals, I see that the E6400 does not have a full Owner's Manual, only a brief Setup & Features Guide with a very skimpy specifications section -- it only provides a few specifications. However the features section is complete.

    The 2 computers you mention do not have much in common so in a way that should make it easier to choose between them because the differences are clearer than if you were comparing 2 very similar models. As Osprey said the Inspiron should be cheaper because it is a less expensive line, but in addition the Inspiron 1420 model is an older line than the Latitude E series, so the 1420 should be substantially less pricey than an E6400 in similar condition. As an example, the 1420 has audio hardware made by Sigmatel, a company that no longer exists, but the newer E6400 has IDT audio hardware. That company is still in business and Dell still uses their products.

    Another place to get information is Wikipedia. It has articles on both the Inspirons and the Latitudes. In my research I have found both articles to be useful, particularly in determining the age of a model series.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member