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Dear Dell, Help!

I have been a DELL Customer since I purchased my first second-hand Dell Computer in 2002.  I was so excited by the PC that I ended up buying a brand new Inspiron from DELL in 2003.  I used that computer until last year.  That's 7 years!  The computer is still in use by the office that I work for a year later...that makes an amazing 8 years!  Therefore when it came time to buy a new PC, it was clear which company to buy from...DELL. 

I purchased the DELL Studio in Late October of 2010.  The Studio was advertised on the platform that it was built for word/photography/music processing of all types, and I was very satisfied with my new PC which met all of my Photography and Journalism needs with stealth and ease.  THAT IS UNTIL 2 DAYS AGO...

I was streaming a netflix movie when the notorious BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared on the screen.  My computer did a memory dump and shut down.  I contacted Dell Support who walked me through every form of solution, including removing the hard-drive.  My two hour phone call resulted in the discovery that my HARD DRIVE WAS DEAD.  Also, the technician said that I would have to purchase a new hard-drive at $139 plus tax and shipping in addition to the Windows 7 operating system.  (Primarily he asked me to get my OS disc and insert it.  I reported that I had never received on, but only the drivers disc instead and he told me I'd have to buy a new OS disc since my warranty was up....eventhough it was supposed to be included with the initial purchase.)

All the professionals that I deal with in my field of work tell me to go MAC.  They say that MAC offers the best product and service.  I always defend PC stating that it is a great machine that I have never had any problems with.  DELL has always taken care of my problems.  However, the latest issue is starting to corrode my confidence in the DELL Company and the entire PC world.  According to google search, the Blue Screen of Death/ Hard Drive demise appears to be a common occurrence.

Rather than paying the additional $$ to repair my DELL, I am considering taking it to a computer repair center, then selling it for cash that will be used to purchase a new MAC.  I need assurance that my work is operating on a reliable system in the future.  I Ask DELL to please offer me a solution and change my mind.  Help me be a 10 year consumer of your products?  Otherwise, I warn all others do all the proper research regarding PC/MAC purchases and choose wisely. 

Best Regards.

9.9 year dell consumer
i've posted this on my blogsite also with heading DEAR DELL, HELP!

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  • First, we are primarly users helping users on this forum, we are not Dell employees.  If you are trying to contact Dell this is the wrong place for that. 

    Consider that ALL PC's can and will fail, including MAC's.  If they never failed or components never failed there would be no reason for manufacturer warranties and/or extended warranties, or PC repair shops or technicians.  Obviously you have not searched the web for problems and complaints about MAC's.

    Most new PC's do not come with the OS disc anymore, and this again is all PC companies.  All you have to  do is go to Microsoft and download the correct Windows 7 version (that you had), create an "iso" data DVD and you can use that to install Windows 7 (use the Dell provided Product Key on the tag on the PC).  All this will cost you is the time and the blank DVD.


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  • rollydrew

    All the professionals that I deal with in my field of work tell me to go MAC.  They say that MAC offers the best product and service. 

    Right. Those "professionals" apparently don't read the surveys that Macs fail as often as PCs, and you have the pleasure of paying of 2x for that same rate of failure.

    Read the latest PC Magazine survey.,2817,2384243,00.asp 

    "Once again, Apple's ratings are in their own league despite the fact that 15% of the Apple notebooks rated in our survey needed repairs within the last 12 months. That's significantly worse than the industry average, and it's a higher rate of repair than everyone but Alienware (21%), Dell (19%), and Gateway (16%). Nine brands had better repair rates; three were even down into the single digits: Samsung (5%), Asus (9%) and Acer (9%). "

    The part I have highlighted in pink is what I call the Apple can do no wrong mentality found with all Appleheads. They rave about how good their Apple is even when it isn't that good. Thanks but no thanks.

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  • Thanks firebird. I had originally posted on another Dell blog but they moved the post here. As for the is download online, thanks a million!
  • Thanks for the info. Since my computer is dead I only have brief moments of research on my phone and at work. But from what i Read, Mac has the best service response overall. However, according to your research, it looks like my best pc bet is Samsung. That's what my roommate has too, oddly enough. I just find it funny that my dell hard drive died exactly one month after my hardware warranty expired. Thank God for backups.