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Dell t5500 chipset thermal

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Dell t5500 chipset thermal

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I have this dell t5500 workstation. It hangs when stress testing is done.

It also hangs when 48gb ram is installed in it. Ie all slots are occupied by 8gb ram sticks.

I found that the chipset heatsink is loose and wiggling when touched from corner.  Using infrared thermometer gm550 I noted that the heatsinks was at 60°C before hanging.

I removed it and noticed there is a thermal pad underneath itit.  I applied the cheapest thermal paste6$ for 25gms)  and it is stable now. Earlier it would after half hour of MemTest86. Now I tested it doesn't hangahangs. And temperature there is hardly 45°C after 20 hours of stress testing.

Now since I applied the cheapest thermal paste instead if removing that thermal pad and applying new.

Can someone suggest the thickness of the pad?  Any link from where I can buy it?

Also what is underneath the black heatsink near cdrom?  As that is also heating till 63°C and I have installed a fan on that heatsink and now temperature is at 34  there.

OInanother dell t5500  board I found that that heatsink also has a fan.  


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  • I am interested more in on knowing the specs (dimensions of the thermal pad, thickness, material tyoetype.).

    I searched on aliexpress can i use below?

    New 100pcs 10mm*10mm*0.5mm Thermal Pad GPU CPU Heatsink Cooling Conductive Silicone Pad high quality

    (from AliExpress Android)