I doubt I will ever buy a Dell product again after wasting my time trying to cancel a simple purchase over the phone.  I bought a computer just over a year ago and it was the worst computer I've ever owned.  Then, I made the mistake of buying the extended warranty trying to make my computer better.


If you have a similar problem write down your:

Purchase Number, Customer ID#,  Purchase ID #, Service Tag # and names and dates of the Dell employees you spoke to.  Keep all email and dispute your charges immediately.

My story:

After spending numerous hours a day for 8 days straight and after being transferred and hung up on multiple times, trying to get through to the correct department, supposedly Customer Care, which there is no direct number to, so you have to wait on Customer Service to transfer you, I finally talked to a man  who said that he’d cancel it for me and I would receive an email. I did receive an email, but it didn’t reference the cancellation. I have emailed all the contacts that I’ve received from Dell to cancel. I have gone to the contact us and initiated phone and email cancellations with no result as of yet. When I have gone to the initiate a return link, it states “You return request cannot be processed automatically online at this time. Please contact Dell for further assistance with your return.” I don’t have anything to return. I just want to cancel. If anything has been sent to me, I will not accept it and will return to sender.

If you want the address to Dell Corporate.  I found this one here in the forum and will be sending a cancellation letter as well to cover all my bases to get the $387 back Dell charged me for a 2 year extended service warranty.

Dell Corporate Headquarters                                    

Dell Inc.

One Dell Way Round Rock,

Texas 78682 United States