There used to be a complaint department. I have spent hours now trying to reach anyone in America that understands that the tech support I have received recently is unacceptable. I have been a customer since 1992. In my career I have been responsible for thousands of purchases from Dell. In the last month I received three new hard drives each arrived in a non-working condition and had to be sent back. The last one came with a copy of windows that could not be registered, Eventually I was sent a mother board in order to put a different code in so the windows would register, Then I was to send the mother board back, which I did. It took a month to get the hard drive problem solved. I have the top warranty that Dell sells. At this moment I am working with a monitor that was just installed today, that came in a non-working form has well. I cannot find to whom I can address my complaint about the UNACCEPTLY poor tech support I have been receiving. In the past there was always someone who eventually tried to make me feel better about what was happening. I have recieved poor service before, esp in 2001. I stayed with dell because of the complaint department. Perhaps it is finally time I stopped advocating for dell and switch to another brand.