hi everyone this is my first time ever in community in my life. so I'm hoping I'd get answers for my issue. I've DELL INSPIRON 9400 (T5200). WINDOWS 10 64 BIT. 2GB RAM and I want to upgrade my ram. as I seen other post it seems only taking 3.25GB  or something. so I'm thinking to upgrade to 3GB ( 1GB & 2GB ) if I do that would it work. coz I don't wanna waste buying 2 * 2gb rams if it's only taking 3 something. so pls guys help me answering this my post. I'm not sure even it would upgrade to anything. WOULD IT UPGRADE?????????PLS PLS PLS pls pls say something ASAP. Windows 10 64 bit works fine no issues at all but I just wanted to make sure I've enough memory just in case for HD graphics in the future.

many thanks in advance,