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Choosing Optiplex 9010 versus 7010 - whats the benefit?

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Choosing Optiplex 9010 versus 7010 - whats the benefit?

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Choosing Optiplex 9010 versus 7010 - whats the benefit?

I'm trying to get my head around the differences/benefits of the Optiplex 9010 versus 7010 family.
Model-for-model I'm seeing each 9010 costs about 180 Euro dearer than the equivalent 7010.

What are the real substantive differences between the families? Trawling the specs, I'm not seeing it . . Thanks.

(I posted this yesterday, and  moderators kicked it from place-to-place a couple times.
They ended up putting it in the "Home" forum.
If that's their  level of wrong understanding of Optiplex, I'm hoping that someone else has a better level.  Thanks guys!

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  • Don't blame yourself. I had the same problem.

    Look up "Dell Optiplex" on Wikipedia and it succinctly and simply set for all of the information you are prpobably looking for. (page 5/6)

  • I have the answer!

    There are two differences I can find by looking through the spec sheets of each

    • The 9010 can support up to 32 Gb of RAM while the 7010 can only support up to 16 Gb of RAM
    • It seems that you can only choose a Blu-Ray drive configuration on a 9010 model

    Both of these limitation seem self imposed. I'm not sure how you limit the amount of RAM if both systems use the same prossors, chipsets and have the same (4) DIMM slots. Also Blu-ray drives are SATA  compliant so yeah.




  • Good spot  about the Blu-Ray ! I really don't think they should bother trying to differentiate the two ranges at all, should just combine them . . .


  • 9010 also appears to offer RAID 0/1 configurations.

  • I noticed that, the Cache memory in 9010 is 8MB where in 7010 is 6MB. 9010 supports Intel VT.


  • Dell has the 9010 on certain long term contracts that require them to lower the contract price for all future contract purchases if they sell the same model for less than the contract price.  Having two models that are virtually identical allows them to sell the 7010 for less than the contract price of the 9010 when they need to be more cost competitive without having to lower the price of all future contract purchases of the 9010.  Just my ever suspicious $.02.

  • The 7010 does support 32 GB RAM except for its SFF model which supports only 16GB.

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