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Delays in delivery

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Delays in delivery

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Is there any delay for XPS1645 delivery?

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  • I ordered my laptop XPS 1645 on 10/01 and the estimated delivery date is scheduled for 11/04. I honestly think this is unacceptable. Two to three weeks would be somewhat ok but 5 weeks is a little bit over the top. I ordered the system the way it was advertised on the website, with only one change to it... red as my color choice. The answer I had received when I asked if it could be expedited was that this was a new system and they are making sure that everything is in order for me as customer. Well, no matter what, waiting 5 weeks for a laptop that had no special orders and/or hardware installed is ridiculous. I hope there is a more logical explanation and that by some miracle it would come before...


  • I ordered my laptop XPS 1645 on 10/05 and the estimated delivery date is scheduled for 11/05. Till today order status shows In Production. I have my doubt that Dell will honor my promised delivery date.

  • I ordered my Dell XPS 16 on 9/25/09, and the estimated delivery date was 10/26.  On 10/22 the order status changed to canceled and two new orders appeared in my order status.  One was for a mouse I ordered with the laptop, and it was shipping immediately.  The other order was for the laptop that now showed a delivery date of 11/18/09.  Just a few days shy of 2 months after I ordered it.  You talk about unacceptable.  I called and was transferred to several people at the India call center (good luck finding someone who actually speaks English and doesn't read from an automated prompt).  Eventually got to a manager who called the production facility (or so I'm told).  I received no real resolution other than it is in production.  I run a mid-sized company with 3 locations.  We use all Dell servers, desktop, laptops, etc.  I also own 2 other Dells.  I am so dissatisfied with Dell that I am re-evaluating our contracts and systems.  The consumer side is separate from industrial applications so the left hand doesn't know and doesn't care what the right is doing. If I ran my manufacturing like Dell does, we would be out of business right now.  I can't imagine missing customer ship dates by weeks.    As a footnote: they changed the order date to 10/22 on the system I ordered. I guess is doesn't make it look so bad on their records for late deliveries.  I'm sure I'll have fun playing with my new mouse while I talk with the IBM rep about our system upgrades.

  • I have ordered my XPS 1645 on Oct. 10, 2009.  The rediculous delivery date was set for Nov. 5, 2009.  We are actually Nov. 5, 2009, and Dell has just CANCELED my order. I just can't believe it. I have been waiting 5 weeks to get my brand new laptop, and they have CANCELED my order. What I don't understand, is WHY they are advertising soooo much these days, if they can't deliver their system. ;-(

  • I have ordered my XPS 16 on Oct. 25. The estimated delivery date was 5.5 weeks later. What is far too much, especially when i was (before ordering) told the delivery will be in 10-12 days. Yesterday, my order was cancelled without emailing me, why. Now, the estimated delivery date is another 5.5 weeks later. So i probably wait up to 7 weeks. Thank you dell for treating your customers like that.

    For those MAJOR delays a good explanation and a free upgrade, a discount or something like that would really be appreciated. Like that, customers would feel taken seriously.

  • Me too, I ordered a Studio  XPS 16 in 17 -Oct - 2009, so they canceled my order in 28-Otc - 2009 with no reason, no email ... in 30 - Otc -2009, they updated my order status to Order Received again, at this time Dell released new model, which is cheaper and better (4 RAM -> 6 GB RAM and Win 7 Pro -> Win 7 Ultimate, > $3000 --> >$2800). I called to customer service they told me have to wait for 3 more weeks ... hahahah (no change model, no get money back between 2 model).So  I decided to cancel that order but they dont tell me what time I can get money back also dont have any email notify about that.... Dell's service toooo bad ....

    After I canceled my first order ( still don't get money back ), I go to Dell's KIOS (so far from my house). I ordered second one. But after the day I ordered they canceled my ordered again with no reason and no email ......... Also next that day, they got money from my bank account as wellllll......

    I will go to Dell KIOS on next Monday and talk with them.

    I really angry with Dell's service

    What happening in Dell's service ????

    Dell, Are you a big company ???


  • I ordered my laptop XPS 1645 on 10/10 and the estimated delivery date is scheduled for Nov 12, Ok, I understand the diffcultlies, then they cancel my order and then re-order a new one which will drive me crazy on Dec.7

    What is that? I called 1-800-847-4096  I admit my english is not good, but I really dont understand what are they talking about. They are not using english, it seens they are all from india. Please, I want to cancel this order!!! I am in Canada.


  • Did you pay money ? If you paid, you have to think about the time you will get money back :D

    Maybe in 3-4 more months :D

  • slss

  • I ordered my laptop XPS 1645 on 10/16/09 and the 1st EDD was scheduled for Nov 12, 2nd EDD  on 19th Nov, 09

    Today (11/10/09) they canceled the order and created a new order with EDD Dec 12th, 09.  When I contacted Sales rep and support person they told that order was canceled because of of incompatibility item on the old order.  After a through check on both the orders I came to know that the difference is with item code of Wireless 5300 card.   I convinced with their reply and insisted to ship the system earlier than 12th dec, 09,  then I was told that, it could be delivered in a day or two.  But after going through this forum I feel that the customer support persons are telling us what ever it comes to their mind instead of telling the truth.  This is very frustrating. 

     Technical issue:  

    1 My system is configured with 4GB RAM of 2 dims.  When I did the research on core I 7 processor, I came to know that this processor will work perfectly only with 3 dim's of RAM.  So I feel we all need to force the dell to upgrade our RAM to 2GB X 3 dims at free of cost. (All those who ordered the system with 4 GB)

    2. On my system I selected the windows vista 64 bit instead of windows 7, as the latest OS was not yet released when I was ordering it. Now as the shipment has been delay beyond the normal time and the latest OS is available in the market, I will expect dell should ship  my system with windows 7 instead of vista.

    3.  Is there any legal forums where we can address this issue and see if we can force the dell to pay penalty for all those who have been waiting for more than normal time?.

    I need suggestion from this forum to know is there any way to demand the dell on the above

  • To recap my original order date (also on an XPS 1645) 16 Oct 2009, EDD 9 November 2009, delayed to 16 November 2009.  Order canceled by Dell on 10 November 2009 with a new EDD of 4 December 2009.

    I just got off the phone with "Customer Service" and was also given the same bit about the wireless card.  My new daily routine will be to call Dell every day for an update.

    @bsaratbabu - where did you find the information about 3 DIMMS as opposed to 2 DIMMS?  I'd be curious to see that article.

  • Has anyone recieved an XPS, I have the same problem as everyone else when I reach or get near a delivery date the order is changed?

  • Here is the comments from CNET Reviews on Intel Core I7 processor

    "A potential complication here is that the new memory controller has three channels to the RAM. That means that unlike most desktop setups, which involve two or four memory sticks, Core i7 systems will want memory sticks in multiples of three. Hence why Intel shipped our test system with only 3GB of RAM (we got creative with a 2x1GB, 1x2GB RAM configuration, for 4GB total for testing), and why in high-end PCs that use the new X58 platform, 3GB, 6GB, and 12GB configurations will be common. X58 will also only support DDR3 RAM, whose prices have thankfully come down over the past year. "

     I compared the intel core i7 specification and found that it has 3 channel controler.  If you have 3 dim then it will be faster as a dedicated  1 dim X 1 channel.

    You can read this on the following web link



  • Studio 17 with the nw i7 processor is DEF delayed.  I ordered mine on 10/21 with an original ship date of 11/14 which wasn't too bad.  I check this morning on 11/12 and I get the inevitable Delayed further email.  Now the ship date is on or before 11/ whats to stop them from sending me another email delay the week before then?  

    I email and call up only to be treated rudely bu 3rd world people who know absolutely nothing more than the website tells me with my account login.  I ask what else Dell will do to make this right they say nothing or cancel my order.  Thats fantastic business acumen right there!  Sell what you don't have in stock, upset customers ($1800 worth of business I cancelled today) and then make them feel like they aren't even appreciated.  Sorry, telling me thank you for your patience doesnt put a laptop in the mail.   Maybe they should outsource some more and keep more info from the customer as to why the delay is there, they couldnt tell me.  I also asked why should I wait 2 more weeks when I can go to a real laptop retailer and buy one in an answer.  They hire these poor idiots who cant speak the language to tell you what you already know after they take your credit info and assure you you will get what you pay for.  I hope dell goes out of business soon and with this awesome service they sure will...Toshiba and Sony are decent brands as well as MAC and they ship within 24 hours...check them out.  Or go to BB and get one in stock like I am going to.  I doubt Dell has any technology thats not available with another manufacturer to validate these insane shipping times and horriffic customer treatment.  Bye Dell, You lost a customer who had already bought a desktop and laptop and will end it there.  Maybe also the build teams can stop taking care of themselves and their friends before they get started on paying customer machines...just a thought.

  • bsaratbabu

    Thanks!  I was able to find a single matching DIMM online for a very good price.  Google and you'll find it too.  

    Have you seen how much the price has gone up on the XPS 16?