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Need Help With Buying A Laptop for SecondLife.

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Need Help With Buying A Laptop for SecondLife.

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Yea im new at the whole Laptop browsing, I always used a Desktop, But now im getti na laptop and i dont kow which one to get,I play the virtual world SecondLife,Which Laptop do u think is best for playing Secondlife,and That meets the SecondLife Requirements,

I dont want to get the wrong laptop that has nothing to do with the requirements and end up wasitng my money,and end up not being able to play secondlife,which i love.So any Recommandations would be nice

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  • Hi, Ash!  I'm in the same boat.  If you or anyone has bought a recent Dell laptop that works well with Second Life, I'd love to know in particular which graphics card they got.  It seems that these newer graphic cards are not yet officially supported by SL and it's very hard to know what will work well.



  • Well, I bought the Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 with 16GB of memory which is a bit expensive but it runs SL really well.   I can run the graphics at ultimate in some areas and between Ultimate and High everywhere else.  In busy areas I can get decent frame-rates and in my quiet home I've seen it go to over 100 FPS briefly!

    The only downside is the display panel, which I went ahead and replaced with an IPS screen.  I got the one recomended here but if hou are spending over $1,000 on a machine another 70mbucks is n big deal.  

    Here is a link that explains the panel I bought and how incredibly easy it is to install (who knew?)