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XPS 210 Upgrade - Low Profile Graphics Card & PSU

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XPS 210 Upgrade - Low Profile Graphics Card & PSU

  • Hi,

    My current system spec is:

    • Dell's XPS 210 Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6600 2.40GHz
    • 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz- 2DIMMs
    • 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro
    • PSU: Dell HP275P-01 275W

    Now, I'm attempting to upgrade my graphics card fromthe X1300 Pro I currently have. However, I've run into the usual problems of restricted choices because of:

    • Slimline case - meaning only Low Profile GPU's will fit; &
    • Power - most graphics cards I've seen require a 400W supply, and at 275W I'm little short of the mark. I'd also prefer if I relied on my radiator to heat up the room rather than the graphics card running heavy loads!


    I've been looking at  these Low Profile cards, but have had no idea of the power consumption these things have:


    Any pro's, con's and recommendations on those I've listed above?

    I've also heard the nVidia 8600GT as well as the ATI HD3850 & HD3450 being recommended for XPS upgrades in previous threads; even if they were 6-18 months ago. I'm not sure if these three cards are still the most suitable for upgrading the XPS 210 setup, or whether some of the cards I've been looking at are far better performers.


    Also, I've also been considering upgrading the standard 275W PSU if means I can get high-end Low Profile card. Unfortunately, I've not found any technical specs in regards to the PSU I currently have, and there aren't any PSU's on the markets specifically marked as 'slimline' or 'low profile'. Does anyone know of any PSU's that are proven to fit and work in the XPS 210's slimline case?


    Many thanks guys!



  • This answer is a bit late, but maybe it'll help others....

    Due to the 275 watt power supply, you can't put a gaming card in the xps 210.   However, several low power low-profile ati/amd chipset options are out there now that would be a big improvement over the original graphics cards.

    The ATI HD5450 based 1gb or 2gb low profile cards can be had for about $15 or $25 after MIR on Amazon now.  The ATI HD6450 based card is about twice the speed and still uses about the same low power (about 40w max) and it's on Amazon for $29 after a $10MIR.  Both of these were XFX branded cards.  Both of these have HDMI outputs and will NOT use system memory or CPU to do the HD rendering.  Both of these are also fanless, so they are quiet.

    BTW, I also discovered that I could upgrade the CPU in this machine to a core-2-quad q6600, and it works like a champ!  Make sure you update the BIOS first though.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

  • I realize this may get no reply, but taking a chance:

    Did the HD5450 card work alright with the 275watt PS??

  • Hi! I'm really curious about your computer's performance now. I've got an XPS 210 that I want to upgrade, as well. Do all your components work well without having to upgrade your 275 W PSU? 

    I'm looking at buying a Q6600 CPU *and* a low-profile graphics card (about 30 W), and I just don't want to make that jump without hearing more about how the PSU does under that stress.


  • I have had no problem with the upgrades using the original power supply.