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Might get rid of desktop for laptop...

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Might get rid of desktop for laptop...

  • I'm going to college soon and already I see alot of laptops around so I'm thinking of getting one. It's portable and smaller and not as many cords. It just looks more manageable than a desktop. I just want to make sure that it's not a bad idea to be selling my desktop for a laptop. I'm not really sure of all the pros and cons comparative for each. Also, I'd want a laptop that's equal to or better than my current desktop in pretty much all aspects. Memory, hard drive, etc. I spend ALOT of time on the computer, so I want to be certain that a laptop can handle the amount of whatever that i put on it.

    My current desktop is a Dell XPS 400, with Windows XP, probably some outdated drivers, since my DVD drive doesn't really work anymore...

    I don't really know the difference between memory or hard drive, but my capacity on here is like, 144 GB. If there's any other info needed for anyone to help me answer my questions, tell me what and how to find it. But anyway, so I'd like to know about how much I could pawn my desktop for? Are laptops just as good as desktops? And what specific laptop model would be equivalent or better than the desktop I have now? 

    Other things, I have a ton of music, like 12 GB that I keep on my computer, some games I play once in a while, like the sims2, some mmorpgs. I have adobe photoshop, some other art programs. Things like that I want to be sure a laptop could handle. I have an external harddrive for most things cause I don't want to overload my computer, so I wouldn't have to worry about documents or pictures on the laptop... Also, if it's not possible to find something as good as my desktop would be, is it possible to buy a laptop and then have it upgraded or specially ordered with extra whatever? Up to how much memory or harddrive or whatever I would need would the laptop be able to contain? And how much would something like that cost?

    Also I know that most computers now come with Windows Vista, which I'm not very used to and I'm aware is uncompatible with some things.. Could someone give a basic overview with the pros and cons? If I use Vista for a while and it turns out I dislike it, it is possible to later change my OS to XP? And I also realize that having a pimped out laptop might increase the weight? Do you think it would be ridiculously heavy for what I'm wanting? What's the average on weight that is accepted for laptops and what would crush my bones?

    And... I think that's about all I have to ask... Sorry for the ton of text and questions. :)

  • The primary advantage of a laptop is portability and size.  If that's really what you want, then go for it.

    But some things you need to consider if you have a choice:

    1) Limited upgradeability:  laptop components like video and audio are integrated into the motherboard - most laptops cannot be upgraded after purchase. 

    2) Cost:  As a rule, if you compare a laptop with a desktop with the same basic performance specifications, the laptop will cost twice as much.  And even a state-of the art high end laptop cannot outperform a mid-range desktop.    That's not to say you couldn't find a laptop that would perform as well or better as your 400, but you won't find one that can outperform, say, a new 630.

    The primary problems are size, power, and heat.    Components can only be shrunk so much, a laptop cannot tolerate high power usage (especially on battery), and it cannot dissipate heat as efficiently.

    3) Desktops are easy to repair - if you're even moderately handy and can follow instructions you can disassemble it and replace every single component by yourself.   Some things on laptops aren't too difficult (replacing a hard drive, keyboard, or even the processor), but other repairs require a much higher skill level, and repair and parts can get quite expensive.  As a rule you want to get an extended warranty for a laptop to cover this, and also consider a "complete care" warranty, which covers accidents like dropping it and spilling stuff on the keyboard.

    4) Laptops are easily lost and/or stolen.  Odds of getting it back are pretty slim if you do, though you can invest in tracking software like LoJack to retrieve it.

    5) If you intend to use the laptop on battery power, batteries have a limited number of recharge cycles before they need to be replaced.   Dell warrants the battery for a year, but after that, depending on model,  a replacement battery is $50-$100 or more, so you have to factor that into your cost.

    As for most of the rest of your questions:   You can learn all this stuff if you put in some time, but it doesn't make sense for me to copy entire PC books, web sites, and your manual  here on a post.   For example, I don't really know the difference between memory or hard drive.  Well, look it up.   You have the entire Web at your fingertips, as well as some good books that can teach you.   Look in your local library under the 004 section for books like "How to buy a PC for Dummies"  - in spite of the title they're quite good.   Check the Dell.Com web site, look at the different laptop models, read the reviews.  Different people have different learning styles as well, though - if you don't like books, usually you can find good classes at local community colleges or even libraries.

    As for what you could sell your 400 for - it depends.  I personally wouldn't pay more than a couple hundred for it, but you might get lucky.  You could check sites like EBay and Craigslist for comparison, but PC's do not hold their value well, especially ones older than a few years.   A new mid-range laptop could easily cost you $1000.  Honestly,  I'd keep the desktop a spare and find another way to pay for a laptop if you want one.

    And if you want to fix your DVD drive, someone here can probably help you if you want to fix it yourself.  Try  the Desktop Drives section.

    And good luck!


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  • Hi slaughter09, Correct me if im wrong, but i was under the impression that collages had computer suites, where students are able to do their work. If that is the case in your collage, why dont you buy yourself an 2GB or 4GB USB pen and save your work on that, it will save you $$$$ on buying an new or second hand lap top. When i was at collage there was no such thing as the PC, but I hear they have now.


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  • slaughter09,

    Y ou should not buy a computer until you consult with your college or univ ersity. They will probably require a system with certain specs,and you are using the campus network.

    You can install a new DVD drive. This is a link to your system http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/xps400/index.htm

    I copied my iTune library on a portable HD, and then installed on a second computer. You can find out how to do this by doing a google search.

  • ctalia4000
    I copied my iTune library on a portable HD, and then installed on a second computer


    I would agree with that, With costs going up, its better to budget and spread the money out.


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  • by college, i didn't really mean a college. i mean furthering my education. but where i'm going, there's most likely no specific requirements concerning computer use. and although there may be computer use provided there, or easily accessable elsewhere, it's nicer to have my own.

    also, i've done research on my own, i never like posting and asking things that i haven't already tried looking up myself. but i only understand the basic caveman lingo. i'm not in to reading a manual or taking classes to become pro on comps, i was just looking for some basic info, and opinions of others.

    i'll probably still get a laptop, most of the cons are those i don't care about, the pros sort of outweigh them in my eyes. but i won't get one for a while, i'll still be doing research, getting opinions from others, etc. i want to be absolutely sure before i invest in something like that. i also recently became friends with someone who can kind of guide me on this sort of thing.

    but anyway, thanks.

  • get a netbook, and keep a desktop for big file aka music.

  • I have a Desk Top Dell  Windows XP, It a Great Desk Top!, 11 Years ago, I was using a Desk Top Dell Desk Top Windows 95,  The First Computer I had ever owned, And I Basickly   Learned a LOT!  with this Desk Top! A Friend across the road Tough me about the computer, How to use it, Set up a E-mail Address, It Felt so GOOD! To be able to learn how to use a PC, Because many years And when ever some one mentioned any thing about a computer, I would always Reply with ((( It's Man Made! <an Messes up a lot And if you have problems with PC It's the User's Fault)))  Any ways I learned a lot from my Friend Gina, And was Great on a PC But I couldn't go over much because of the cat mess smell, They the cats would relieve them selves any were in the house the litter was stacked up and they had to find a place  I always say ( If you got to go you Got to go!!)) Not correct English! But  any ways I had the windows 95 And one day I called DELL To Buy a Desk Top Computer And after I got off the phone I had Built a Desk Top! Cool! Cost me some over $1,500.00 And Though this will be the last  And only PC to ever have to Buy, Because I take Very Good  of My Stuff, Not thinking of Times Change, And so does Tech! So I had All Kinds of Stuff put  into it, to begin  with.  Any ways I sold the windows 95 when  I received my New Dell And had to get my Nephew to help me to Transfer my Files, Music into My New Dell, That's all I  Didn't And Still don't  know of any thing  About Photos But that is it all, Then I Bought a Laptop on Ebay Dell 600, Then Bought another Dell 600 Laptop from Ebay, And thought I could take parts to parts And then I decided to just Buy a New Up To Date Model from Amazon, And that's what I did And I'm replying on it, Dell inspiron Windows 8 15 inch Laptop, I LOVE it! I Just Love it!! And trying to think of what to do with the Laptops, I will never sell or any thing with my desk top! OK What I'm Trying to say is what I was Told, And Tough Don't Ever Sell, Or Give some thing away until you think about it, One Day you may need it! one day your laptop goes down and you don't have any thing to finish you Home Work on! If you let go of the Desk Top one Day you will Need it!!! I Hope this was some kind f Help! I hope you do well at Collage Good Luck!!  GL2Y

  • Did not see 2009, But Whom ever Reads this I Hope this will help in your life My Father Passed away a few ears ago And he Always told And Tough me that. That Don't ever give or Sell Some Thing You May Need One Day!! And He also Though And Told me all the time growing up, He would say If your going to do some thing so It right or Don't do it at all. Do it Right the First time Or Don't Do It. GL2All