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Dell Studio XPS 16 Docking station/Laptop cooler

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Dell Studio XPS 16 Docking station/Laptop cooler

  • Can someone help me with a Laptop cooler that's also compatible with the Studio XPS 16 as a docking station?




  • Thanks for all the help here on this forum. I found the laptop cooler i needed.

  • I am using the an Antec cooler brought from Amazon.

    I brought a USB powered hub  to run the fan, and save my battery.

  • I just got my Studio XPS 16", I researched around online and I decided to give Kensington sd100s a try.  I got mine off ebay for around $65 after shipping.  It's working like a charm!  I'm loving it :-)

  • I just bought the Zalman Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 for my studio xps 16 because i recognized, that the notebook is getting warm.

    I am very happy with my choice, Notebook fits excellent on the cooler. Cooler sticks out only 1 cm on both sides, 2 cm in front and 3 cm in the back. Its also black, and and looks pretty. It has 2 fans and even switched off, it cools my laptop down. You can regulate fan speed, lowest level is very quiet. You hear the Laptop -fan bether. Turn it full speed, you hear the fans, but they are not louder, than the Laptop-fans on full speed. Cooler has 2 USB-ports on both sides for better compability, Its kind of go-through, if you plug in one, you can use the other usb-port.

    For more information:

    Greez Lu