Precision 690 and 'newer' CPU's

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Precision 690 and 'newer' CPU's

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a Precision 690 with the MY171 motherboard and bios A08 installed, current cpu E5335

    I know I can upgrade to dual x5365's, which are still quite expensive

    But, does anyone know if i can used the more recent L5240, X5260, x5270 or as a single cpu solution the X3360, X3350


    Thanks for your help / suggestions

  • Ive successfully upgraded to 53xx processors.

    Im having trouble getting a L5420 to work though - anyone done this?

  • I think there was a thread on this a while back. It looks as if the boards are capable but it's down to Dell to update the BIOS to allow the support.

    The new 54xx are vastly cheaper than the 51xx or 53xx series. My machine has 5150 in it and they are mightly expensive. I think that thread I referred to suggested that we should all complain to Dell about not allowing the use of the 54xx series. I'm not going to be changing my machine so it's not as if they're somehow pushing me to the next model up, which may support them, by not allowing the support in the 690. But then I'm not a corporate that would probably upgrade to a new machine to get access to the new processors.

  • So ther is no problem with A07/A08 BIOS and the support of the E5335 Quads on a MY171 Rev. A01 board (I have this board)? I'm looking at the doing the same i.e. perhaps adding a couple of E5335 Quads.



  • I would also like clarification on this question because we'd like to upgrade our pair of 5110 to something faster in our PWS 690.

  • Hi, I have a Precision 690 running with dual x5355 CPUs for six months or more. I have no problems with them - but did upgrade to the MY171 MB and latest BIOS before install. Go ahead!

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  • i have the 0MY171 mobo and bios A08 so how far i can go with this one ?


  • " Dell about not allowing the use of the 54xx series"  The issue has nothing to do with dell and everything to do with INTEL and the 51XX chipset.  Your upgrade options are limited to the same processors that the original Mac Pro from 2006 can use.   That means 51xx and 53xx period end.  Its not ever going to change. The highest spec processor you can install on a 690 is the Xeon X5365 (3.0 Ghz).

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  • That's bogus.

    The INTEL and the 51xx chipsets ~fully~ support 54xx series processors as seen on ~NUMEROUS~ Intel and Supermicro boards with the 51xx  chipset.

    If the Precision 690 WS does not: the ~only~ reason is that Dell does not want it to. - Thus they don't update the processor microcode in the BIOS.

    It's all marketing.

    - If they updated the BIOS in the 690WS to take 54xx CPUs  it would be functionally identical to the T7400 for anything up to 64Gb RAM.

    It's effectively planned obsolescence. - They would rather sell you a T7400 (or similar) than update the BIOS for the 690.

    If you don't want to play marketing games then build your own machines and don't play with Dell (or HP for that matter).



  • Just checking after all these years if the 53XX series works fine with the PWS 690 and the A08 BIOS. I've read that you have to take out the battery to reset the BIOS if you power the machine down if you are using Quads. I have a MY171 REV. A01 motherboard.



  • I have a precision 690 that i have been running 2 Quad 2.66ghz Xeon 5355 processors under the A01 bios, i just updated to A08 and now i get an incompatible processor alert and system hault, i can not even boot to the bios. Is there a way around this or even a way to downgrade back to the A01 Bios? HELP HELP HELP

  • Remove the CPU from socket CPU 0, once you have reset the BIOS Boot Order ETC boot into OS shut down remove power re add CPU Power on job done!

    kind Regards


    PS If that does not work switch it Remove CPU 1 Leave CPU 0 In! any issues shout!


  • I tried basically every bios dell offers with my my171 dell precision 690 and none of them worked with my e5345 dual processors. 1 proc worked just fine, but adding the second proc caused problems. I reset the cmos, pulled the battery, checked the proc in other machines to make sure it was good. I am mad as hell. I tried flashing to a01 over dos/floppy and ended up frying the mobo through a bad flash. This is why I hate dell. Makes no sense for these cpu to not work properly.

  • I have a precision 690 that I have been running 2 Quad 1.86ghz Xeon L5320 processors under the A01 bios, I updated to A07 and now I get an incompatible processor alert and system halt, So similar to the other person above.  I tried your idea you posted and I still get the same thing every time.  Might you have any other ideas...?