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Blue Screen Error Code 2F00:0119 & 2F00:0419

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Blue Screen Error Code 2F00:0119 & 2F00:0419

  • I am no longer able to boot my Dell Dimension 4700. Every time I received the fatal blue screen error. I have run the DELL Utilites upon boot up and all tests past including the hard drive test. A few weeks I received XP service pack 3 update. Could that have something to do with it? The machine is only 3 years old. I hope someone can help me to boot my machine and get it working again.
  • Hello,

    Both of those errors relate to memory failure.

    Check the easy to do things first. Unplug the system, and reseat all the memory chips as shown here. If that fails, try removing all but one memory chip. Try each one until you determine which chip is bad. The last option is that the motherboard may be bad in the memory area.

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  • Thanks for responding to my question. I have had memory problems with my PC before. It looks like it's happening again.


  • In the future, for error codes try