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Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 [RAM upgrade -to 4Gb & HDD 7200rpm]

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Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 [RAM upgrade -to 4Gb & HDD 7200rpm]

  • I'm wandering if can upgrade DDR memory form 2x512/667MHz to 2x2Gb/667Mhz. If this is possible, tell me what memory(manufactury) you recommended me. The stoc memory is Samsung.

    Thx !


    Also I want to change the old hard disk(Hitachi 120Gb/5400rpm) with this one WD Scorpio Black (320Gb/7200rpm). Can u tell me if hdd(7200rpm) are compatible with my laptop?

    Thx again!!

  • Crucial is the best source for guaranteed-compatible RAM.  Yes, that drive will work.


  • crucial says "2048MB maximum amount of memory":smileysad: and they recommended me 2Gb kit(2x1Gb)

    I have seen in another topic, same model e1505 suports 4Gb...why this diferences?

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  • While it may work, 4G simply is not a supported configuration for this system.  Note that because of the chipset, you will not see all 4G of memory - the system doesn't support memory remapping.


  • 4Gb of RAM works very well with this system but only 3.24Gb of it is usable. I highly recommend it.


    If in the UK I recommend offtek:


    Select Pin 200 and 2 of the 2Gb modules.


    If wanting from Crucial heres the kit.


    My inspiron 6400 runs Vista much better with 3.24Gb of memory.


    Your Dell Inspiron E1505 Specifications


    Currently installed memory:


      2GB   2GB
    DDR PC2-5300


    Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-4200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

    *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.


  • Maximum Memory Capacity:  2048MB
  • Currently Installed Memory:  4GB
  • Available Memory Slots:  0
  • Number of Banks:  2
  • Dual Channel Support:   Yes
  • CPU Manufacturer:  GenuineIntel
  • CPU Family:  Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2130 @ 1.86GHz Model 14, Stepping 12
  • CPU Speed:  1867 MHz
  • Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules.
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Philip Yip


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  • you can find samsung memory here for your rig...-


  • My system sees 3327 available for use.




    Inspiron E1505
    Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7200 (4MB/2.00GHz/667MHz)
    15.4 Inch UltraSharp TrueLife Wide-screen WSXGA+
    4GB, DDR2, 667MHz Crucial Memory
    120GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
    8X DVD+/-RW Philips Drive
    Dell Wireless 1500 802.11N Mini Card
    Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (2.0 + EDR)
    Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bit
    Bios A17
    pur. Sept. 7 2006
    WRT350N Linksys Router v1 firmware v1.03.7
    FreeAgent 320gb Seagate Ext. HD
    Kaspersky Internet Security v


    Own: Dell Chromebook 11, Alienware M11xR2


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  • Hmmm mines sees 3317Mb available for use but I won't worry about the 10Mb :P

    Philip Yip


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  • That's EXACTLY what I just did in my 6400, like 2 weeks ago.  I got 2x2GB DDR2 667Mhz Corsair Value Select RAM.  Crucial I guess will also work, that's what most people on these boards seem to recommend, but I've had no problems with the Corsair and it had good reviews on Newegg, better then the comparable OCZ which I was originally looking at (the local store I usually buy from didn't have Crucial otherwise I probably would have considered that as well, but the store is cheaper then Newegg or anywhere else I've ever found so I'm not complaining!).  I've never (well for the 4-5 times I've upgraded RAM) had a problem with a particular brand of RAM not working in a particular computer but I guess that's not always the case?).   About 3.3 GB will be recognized (as others have said, unless perhaps you get Vista 64) but it's still quite worth it I think.  I also got the WD Scorpio Black 320GB/7200rpm (upgrading from a Seagate 100 GB 7200rpm which I stuck in an external drive for backups) and it works great.  The WD seemed slightly better then the comparable Seagate on the reviews I read so I went with the WD, even though usually I use Seagate.
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  • Just to add about Vista 64bit. It is prob not worthwhile to get Vista 64bit, as the BIOs has the limitation of only being able to read about 3.3Gb.


    As discussed before, dallascowboysworldchamps has Vista 64bit and can utilise a whole 10Mb (3327Mb vs 3317Mb) more RAM then I can.


    Given driver availability for 64bit vs 32bit for this system, I would say it is not worthwhile. If you want 64bit its up to you though, I may have went to 64bit if it let me utilise the full 4Gb but it doesn't, so 32bit does the job.

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • I know this forum thread is super old but I hope I can still get a reply...

    I just installed 1x2GB Corsair in my E1505 (upgraded from 2x512MB) The system reads installed memory as 2048 MB but is only reading 759 MB as available. When I originally installed the RAM it was working fine with 2048MB installed and 2024MB or something available. Since I only use my laptop for Chrome and OpenOffice I was doing a test run of both of these programs and Chrome started having loading issues and then it went to the blue screen of death. I went to reboot and it went directly to the blue screen of death 2 more times.

    I went and changed the ram back to the original to make sure I hadn't messed anything up and 1x512MB and 2x512MB both worked. I even tried the 2GB it both the DIMM-A and DIMM-B as I've seen some odd stuff on other forums about that sometimes helping but to no avail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've waited so long to upgrade my laptop because I got an iMac for all of my design work and only use the laptop for little things, but it would be really nice to have it a bit faster... Even though it's 6 years old now.

  • What Operating are you using? It may be 6 years old , but it will out last these newer pieces of Garbage. One Great way to speed that puppy up is to change your Hard Drive from a 5400rpm to a 7200 !!  I put in Crucial 1 GB DDR2-667 Sodimm and one Kingston 1 GB DDR2-667 Sodimm. BIG Difference from the 1gb it came with.

    Plus you can turn up the speed in your BIOS. Whats its called enumeration ?, which I believe you turn off.  Then your CPU will run at its PEAK.  I also bought a Dual Fan Cooler that powers off of one USB ports. (It has 4!) The fan that used to go on and off every 10 minutes is at a mere once a hour. A cooler CPU is a fast one. Also use can air to clean the dust and dirt in and on the vents and fan. (You'd be surprised how much that will come out)

    Now as far as the RAM issues goes. Certain 'generic' RAM will have looser tolerances which in turn causes inconsistent results in different computers. Stay away from 64 bit OS. There is NO GOOD in it for most. Its a pain trying to get 64bit software everytime you want to do something. Plus it 'needs' more RAM to do the same thing that 32bit does 3-4 time faster!

    Read More on your DELL 6400/E1505: Downloads , Updates , BIOS , Specs , MediaDirect etc

  • I just upgraded an Inspiron E1705 laptop.  I'm putting 2x2GB (4GB) of Corsair DDR2-667 200-pin RAM in and updating to Windows 7 (updating the drivers was fun).  Because I'm switching from XP to Win7, I have no idea if there's a speed increase.  One thing that I think is worth watching out for is heat.  Uzi9MMAuto put extra cooling in.  I was thinking of putting a 7200 drive in (the old 5400 drive was starting to fail with bios test read errors), but heat is a killer of electronics.  Considering I'm fixing the laptop up for family who is on the other coast, I don't want the laptop failing when I can't easily get to it.  4GB ram and a 7200 rpm drive may be asking for trouble in a year or two (hopefully more) due to heat.  Seems like more of a gamble.  If it was my laptop, I'd definitely put the 7200 rpm drive in and possibly one of the hybrid SSDs.  But as it's for someone who isn't computer savvy, maybe better safe than sorry?

  • Oh im right with you on the cooling! I turned down the BIOS part that dictates the fan patterns. (Louder and Cooler) Then i spent a lousy $14 on a Cooling Tray with Dual fans. I also sprayed all the dust out of the vent(s) and off of the Fan itself. There was a LOT of dust for just 6 Months use. That cooling tray that goes below the laptop throws air right on the RAM and entire bottom laptop surface. The Main Fan inside used to go off Hourly a few times and now doesn't go off at all expect maybe once or twice a day! (yes, I went to school for Electronics and I was self taught from age 15 or 16) So my classes were VERY easy for me.

    I do NOT like Windows 7 at all. I am sick of putting WIndows XP on Windows 7 computers for clients but thats the way it is. The Laptops run MUCH faster and

    better with XP and even twice as fast with 64 to 32 bit..! I do not get too many calls since I been doing this. The type of calls like "How do i get this to run on Windows 7 that used to run on XP?" My sometimes funny but usually sarcastic response would be "Its Windows 7 a "Upgrade' it should do MORE with less than XP".. LOL As you and I know- it's nothing more than a Monopoly and a SCAM by Microsoft to make a "New OS" that is Backwards compatible.. [ie:Incompatible]  Whats the deal with "XP MODE" runiing IN Windows 7 and requiring [AMIN NOTE: Post Edited for TOU Violation] when the "upgrade" should do it automatically.

    What a FARCE!  I am going for that 7200 no Doubt! I agree and speaking of New or Newer laptops. I seen this show where the TOP Companies stated that "new' notebooks and laptop's lifespan will greatly change. (I have Laptops 10 Years old running strong!) With exception of certain makes and models. ALL new laptops will have a Fatal Failure within their New Lifespan. The CEOs and Techs explained this is the reason for their prices dropping as they do and did.

    (Nothing I haven't told you what their projected MAX will be?) Computers will be "much faster" and more advanced too. I am looking at getting some good ALIEN Gaming Laptops to run me into the future we are in. I just dont see how a PUNY 3 Years! (Yes THREE) is any reason to be happy about these New and fast computers which we will be FORCED to buy NEW again and again every 1-2 years if we buy used or 2-3 NEW. Sounds like a bunch of BULL to me.. There was certain makes and models that will "last" to what some of the older ones have but for BIG $$$$$$!

    Why with technology where we make things BETTER , we accept them made like Garbage? See the NEW tactics they use to get away from things is NOt  to hide form them but to throw them in our face. Being more open about it- infuriates people much less and takes their will to fight form them. Anyhow- sorry about the rant. Its still a topic thats going to negatively effect you and I in the near future..

    On the hybrid SSDs..Don't they use a battery or something? I remember hearing something of that effect. Is that actually a Pro or a Con?

  • I I used to own the same laptop. It came with a 80gb.. Here find yourself a Cooler.

    I bought mine at Big Lots- which has a adjustment so i can pitch the laptop for ease of using and typing on it. Its about 2 to 2.5 inches higher. Which that alone

    keep surface air below moving at all times.

    P.S. Have you ran Linux on it yet? (Live CD) You dont need to install it and it loads the Wifi and other drivers without installation.

    Try it!  Use 32 bit!

    Take Care