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Vostro A860 -> Ram Upgrade ?

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Vostro A860 -> Ram Upgrade ?

  • Hi,


    i am thinking about purchasing the Vostro A860 with the Intel Dual-Core-Prozessor T2390 (1,86 GHz, 1 MB L2-Cache, 533 MHz FSB).

    Dell just offers it with 1024MB, but i want at least 2048MB.

    so i want to ask how many slots that mainboard has got and how difficult such an upgrade would be?


    Greetz stefurbi

  • From an early review I saw, the A860 will come standard with 2 X 512 MB but 2 X 1 GB will be an option, or you can replace the original memory yourself later.
  • and if you run vista, 2-gb is a must, i have found vista to be a memory hog, and needs lots of it.



    • Dual-Channel DDR2 Memory 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB
    • Two memory slots offering up to 4GB3
    • Memory Bandwidth: 667 MHz

    Its not too hard replacing the memory...just use anti-static precautions, or just touch the memory modules on the edges,,grounding yourself firt....two components that are very sensitive to anti-static electricity-ram and cpu,s.-

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  • I just ordered the A860 (basic pkg) with the Celeron processor, 1GB Ram, 160GB HD...I see your post about max of 4GB Ram and wonder if that is still true for the basic A860, or just the one with the Core 2 processor?  The reason I ask is because I posed the question of upgrading Ram to Customer Service at Dell and was told a max of 2GB.  I'd like to know for sure before I order more Ram.