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D430 with 3GB RAM?

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D430 with 3GB RAM?

  • Dell states officially that the D420 can only support a maximum of 1.5gb (512mb onboard + 1gb chip) of RAM but Dell also make a 2gb pc5300 built specifically for the D420 to bump the RAM up to 2.5gb.


    My question is, can I use the D420's 2gb RAM chip in my D430 to achieve a maximum 3gb of RAM (1gb onboard + 2gb chip)? Just doesn't make sense that the older D420 can support more RAM than the newer D430. The D430 has more onboard memory, so I don't see why it wouldn't support a 2gb chip in its slot just as its predecessor. Also, the 1gb RAM chip for both the D430 and D420 share the same Manufacturer's Part #. So shouldn't the D420's 2GB chip also work in the D430?


    Seems like everything is pointing towards the D430 being able to support 3GB of RAM. Anyone with personal experience or input on this?

  • Anyone?
  • I'dlike an answer to this as well. Would love to have more than 2GB on my D430.
  • I'd like to upgrade my D430 too. Can't Dell give an answer to this?

  • I've answered my own question - it doesn't work. I tried a 2 GB 677 MHZ RAM module from Kensington and the system just doesn't boot.
    I understand the motherboard is to blame!

  • Go to www.crucial.com and use the memory configurator for both PCs and see if they are compatible. If you buy from crucial they guarantee their memory to work in your computer.


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