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Maximum supported memory speed for OJ8885 motherboard/Dimension 5100

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Maximum supported memory speed for OJ8885 motherboard/Dimension 5100

  • I am trying to find out what the maximum supported memory speed is for my Dimension 5100. 


    I have 2.5g RAM total (2 1g DDR2 pc2-4200 and 2 256mb DDR2 pc2-3200)  When I remove the PC2 3200 sticks, the BIOS shows the PC2 4200 running at 533Mhz, Otherwise it runs at the slower 400Mhz when the 3200 sticks are installed with it, normal from what I understand.  Want to get rid of the PC2 3200 and add another 2g of 4200 so everything is running at max speed.  I think I have 800 Mhz FSB (according to CPU-Z) so, unless I'm mistaken, the max is pc2-4200/533Mhz.  Just need some concrete answers so I don't waste any money on a higher speed RAM for nothing. Thanks




    I guess my main question is:  Is PC2-4200/533Mhz the maximum supported memory speed for my motherboard? 


    Also would like to know if it really matters if you mix brands.  I have two Buffalo 1 gig DIMMS , so want to keep those and add some Crucial or Kingston for around $45.00 for a total of 4 gigs of RAM.  I figure this is a super cheap upgrade and might help with my gaming a little.


    Specs below.




    P.S. all spec info from CPU-Z, so if I missed anything please let me know




    Dimension 5100

    Win XP Home

    Pentium 4 HT 3.0 Ghz 531 Prescott/Socket 775 LGA

    800 Mhz FSB

    Dell motherboard model #OJ8885

    Chipset: Intel i945G/GZ , Rev. A2

    Southbridge:82801 GB (ICH7/R)

    Current memory: 2 Buffalo 1g PC2-4200 DIMMS, 2 Samsung 256mb PC2-3200 DIMMS

    BIOS Revision A03

    Nvidia Gforce 7600gt w/Zalman GPU cooler

    Soundblaster Audigy 4



    Message Edited by gordyalltime on 04-04-2008 09:58 AM
  • According to the specs, 533M is the fastest.  However, faster memory is the norm these days and will just run at the fastest speed supported by the board and the CPU.  I wouldn't try to buy slower RAM.  800M is cheap.


    You are unlikely to notice much difference in performance by upgrading the RAM.  400M RAM in dual channel mode has the same max bandwidth as the 800M FSB.