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Processor upgrade Inspiron 700M

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Processor upgrade Inspiron 700M

  • I would like to upgrade my Inspiron 700M from a 1.6 GHz (725 Dothan) to a 2.1 GHz (765 Dothan, SL7V3 Code). Is the processor soldered and I therefore need to buy a complete MB/CPU unit (like the one offered from Dell for 2 GHz Dell SPare Parts No. J7759) or can I just replace the processor?


    I am actually very happy with the system (light weight since October 2004!) and just want besides a harddrive and memory boost a CPU kick.

    Thanks a lot for suggestions, please PM me, if you like.



  • The CPU is socketed and can be replaced;  that upgrade CPU will work fine.


  • Hi...I have a Dell 700M. I just replaced my Intel M735 1.7Ghz CPU with an M760 2.0 Ghz Dothan CPU. It is recognized in "My Computer" ... "Properties" as a 2 Ghz CPU with current speed of 1.5Ghz. When I test it with CPU-Z, it shows as a 2hz Dothan CPU. However, when I check it using "System Properties", it shows as a 1.5Ghz CPU. Using Everest, same 1.5Ghz value. Incidentally, the 1.7Ghz CPU did register 1.7 when loaded and measured using these tools. I see many 700M laptops for sale with 2Ghz Dothans so it should work.


    It registered as a 2Ghz CPU using the same tools when it was in the Dell XPS140M I just removed it from. Why isn't it running at the full 2Ghz in the 700M? I updated BIOS to the latest A07 version. I've tested it under load...opening WORD/Firefox/etc. at the same time...No change. Anyone know why it won't run at 2 Ghz in the 700M? Since I have refurbished dozens of Dell laptops, this is a very frustrating thing. Any help would be most appreciated...Tony

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  • The problem is that the intel m760 uses a 533 FSB speed, the dell 700m chipset only supports 400 FSB speed.  Try the intel m755 or m765 instead.