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Optipelx 745 upgraded with Core 2 Duo Quad Q6600 2.4GHz

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Optipelx 745 upgraded with Core 2 Duo Quad Q6600 2.4GHz

  • I have upgraded my optiplex 745 with a intel quad core Q6600 G0 2.4GHz stepping processor.

    After I have bought the chip (this always happens to me !!!) i found out that optiplex 745 is supposed not to support quad cores...

    then I said why not give it a try...

    everything works fine, HUGE performance upgrade compared to the stock Core 2 Duo E6300 1.8GHz.

    The chip works arround 34 - 38 celcius when idle,
    38 - 50 celcius under every day real life cituations,
    and it has reached 70 celcius with a benchmark program under 100 percent load after 15 minuted but then stayed arround there...

    You can see the configuration, and the test results of my system here:


    and here:

  • I just noticed that the new 745 replacement, the 755, officially supports the Quad Core's, except for the Ultra Small Form Factor model. The difference is the chipset, the Intel Q35 Express vs. the Q965 Express w/the 745, but they do have the same power supplies, wattage wise. So the power supplies must be officially OK, if Dell still uses them w/the Quads.
    I too tried a 745, the desktop model, w/a Q6600, and it worked fine. I was just concerned about the 285 watt power supply, so I went and put my Q6600 into a Precision 390 instead. 
    By the way, Dell has a new BIOS for the 745's now, version 2.4.1.
    What version of the 745 do you have?

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  • Gohack I use the 2.4.1 bios,

    I have read your post (the one which describes how you have upgraded 745 with Q6600) and i noticed that you mention you used a Q6600 with B3 (SL9UM) stepping.

    I used the newer Q6600 with G0 (SLACR) stepping which has thermal design power of 95w instead of 105w of the Q6600 B3 (SL9UM).
  • I brought my B3 back and went someplace else to get the G0.
    Here are my temperatures w/the Q6600 G0. My 390 came w/a basic, all aluminum heatsink, and I went and bought a better Dell model heatsink, which has both copper and heat tubes. Here are the temperature comparisons.
    My system is running w/all four cores running 100%, running the Distributed Computing Program, Einstein at Home.
    Stock Heatsink (all aluminum, w/ArcticSilver5 T/C)
    Core 1 - 65 C
    Core 2 - 65 C
    Core 3 - 61 C
    Core 4 - 61 C
    P8016 Heatsink (w/copper and heat tubes, w/ArcticSilver T/C)
    Core 1 - 48 C
    Core 2 - 48 C
    Core 3 - 42 C
    Core 4 - 43 C
    I know that this is not the 745, but the 390 PWS has a simular fan/heatsink design. The 745 Desktop that I had, came w/the copper/heat tube heatsink design. Without knowing which heatsink you have, I included both here.

    Alienware Aurora R5, Intel i7-6700K, 8 GB DDR4 Memory, 250 GB Samsung SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 video card, Windows 10 x64


  • vtsakiris, thank you for your try. I upgraded Optiplex 745 minitower pentium D 925 to Core2 Quad Q6600 G0 revision. I flashed last BIOS 2.4.1 Excellent upgrade.
  • I should start off by saying that I'm not sure about the long term reliability issues of upgrading a Dell Optiplex with a Q6600 GO(SLACR). So to err on the side of caution, I would follow SpeedStep's words if I was planning on keeping my Optiplex 745 for as long as possible.

    That being said--these are the computers I have successfully swapped in a Q6600 GO which have performed flawlessly even under load--well at least initially:

    2 Optiplex 745 desktops

    2 Optiplex 755 desktops

    1 Optiplex 330 desktop

    1 Dimension E520 tower      

    I am currently in the process of installing a Q6600 in a Optiplex 745 SFF which I purchased from eBay for $9.00. Gotta love those auctions!

    Heck, I even attempted to install various Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad CPUs in an Optiplex GX620--but to no avail. Some claim to have successfully done it but I'm guessing they probably needed to tinker around with the BIOS, to put it mildly.

    I thought I should add that of all the computers and CPUs which I have used to perform such upgrades were used/refurbished and purchased from online sites such as eBay and Amazon.  So even if one is on a budget, nowadays it is possible to build a  Intel Core 2 Quad based Dell computer for under $100 (e.g., $50 for a used Q6600, $50  for a used Optiplex 745 on eBay).  I'm not ready to spend $700+ on a Core i7 desktop. I'd rather build 7 Optiplex computers equipped with Core 2 Quads LOL!                                                                                                                               

  • I just want to say that I have purchased very cheaply on Ebay (£25) an old OptiPlex 745, and using old peripheries created a very useful machine. Running the old Pentium D it came with it was a trial of patience to use, but with the q6600 (SLACR) and the most recent BIOS, it runs very sweetly indeed. The Pentium TDP is 95W, as is the q6600 (SLACR) TDP, and under 100% loading the hottest core topped out at 71 degrees C (HWMonitor I believe). I do have an ultra sff model with the copper heat tubes heat sink, which I suspect helps.

    But considering the age (and the cheapness), this is a fantastic little combination!