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Upgrade E510 internal multi-format card reader to SDHC?

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Upgrade E510 internal multi-format card reader to SDHC?

  • I ordered my Dimension E510 with an internal multi-format card reader.  I now see that it doesn't support SD or MiniSD cards of the HC (high capacity) format.  Is there any software or bios updates that will allow the use of SDHC cards in the card reader?
    I'd hate to have to go out and buy another card reader when I already have one built into the PC if possible. :smileysurprised:
  • Have you tried a High capacity SD card?  I wouldn't think there is any difference as far as the slot or the Windows software. As far as a micro card, I have a 2GB micro SD card for my phone and it came with a full size SD adapter so I didn't need a special micro SD card port.  There was no special software required, either.

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  • Here is the latest Ricoh driver for Chipsets, R5C832, R5C833, R5C843, does not say if there are any improvements, doubt it.
  • Thanks for the reply fireberd.  I actually tried using a 4 GB Mini SDHC card using the supplied SD adapter, and Windows Explorer wasn't able to recognize the card.  My standard (non-HC) 2GB MiniSD card works fine however.  That's why I was wondering if there might be some kind of software or firmware update that I could apply.  If not, I guess that I'll have to go with an external HC capable card reader?

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  • Thanks for the link mombodog!  I'll try that this evening after work and see how it works out.
  • nvrmind.

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  • Well, after getting home I ran Belarc Advisor on my system.  And it's showing I have the following memory card drives in my system:
    TEAC USB HS-CF Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
    TEAC USB HS-MS Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
    TEAC USB HS-SD Card USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 5
    TEAC USB HS-xD/SM USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3

    The memory card driver from Dell that was linked above states that it's for Ricoh memory card drives.  I searched Dell's support site for memory card drivers and couldn't find anything for Teac memory cards.  And I don't want to take a chance on installing the Ricoh drivers if it will mess with the functionality of the memory card drives.
    Any ideas on this?
    Thanks again,
    Look what I found

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> 

    "The Flash Memory Card Reader adheres to the USB Mass Storage Class specifications. Windows 2000 and Windows XP are aware of this class of devices and work with them automatically."

    So there are no installable drivers, they are installed automatically by XP and Vista, like any other USB mass storage device.

    What you can do is open the case and unplug the device, boot into windows to clear the drivers, shut down and plug it back in, then boot up and windows will install the device again.


    If yours is this model here is what is supported

    Type of Media Supported:

    • CompactFlash type I/II Card (CF I/II)
    • IBM MicroDrive (MD)
    • SmartMedia Card (SMC)
    • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
    • Secure Digital Card (SD)
    • Memory Stick Card (MS)
    • Memory Stick Pro Card (MS PRO)
    • Mini Secure Digital (mini SD)
    • Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo)
    • Memory Stick Pro DUo (MS Pro Duo)
    • Reduced Size Multi Media Card (RS-MMC)
    • xD-Picture Card (xD)

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  • Thanks mombodog, that is indeed my device - a TEAC CA-200.  There's no mention however of any of the readers being HC compatible, I'll try what you mentioned, but I believe it will just reload the drivers that are currently existing on the system.
    Unfortunately, I can't chat with Dell support as my 1 year warranty is up.  I'll try calling TEAC tomorrow to see if this device is compatible or not with SDHC or Mini SDHC memory cards.  Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!
  • You are welcome, if you do find a solution that works, please post it.
  • After doing some searching on the internet, apparently I'm not alone in wanting SDHC support for this device.  About 2 months ago, another user wrote to TEAC and asked if a firmware update was available for the reader that would allow SDHC cards.  At that point there wasn't, but there may be in the future.
    I'm writing to that same TEAC support rep now to see if any updates are available yet.  If not, I think I'll just go with this:
    $12 delivered with SDHC support - I can just pop out the CA-200 and replace it with this one.
  • Nice price too!
  • One reviewer said this
    "Doesn't work with my Dell Dimension E510, the connector from the reader is too big for the usb header on the motherboard. Checked the Dell manual, it uses something call a 'Flexbay USB cable'"
  • Well, that's not good news.  I hope this isn't a proprietary cable connection that Dell's using for these.  I'm hoping that my email to TEAC gets a response, otherwise I need to start looking again.
  • So many things are proprietary on a Dell, the only reason I have one is that I got such a good deal.
    Thinking of building my own quad core next year, unless I get another screaming deal from Dell.