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Dell Inspiron 1200 internal wi-fi antenna cable...

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Dell Inspiron 1200 internal wi-fi antenna cable...

  • I know (after the fact) that Inspiron 1200s do not come with an antenna cable unless you originally purchase the notebook with an internal wi-fi card. I have a source for Dell Inspiron 6000 antenna cables. Does anyone know if this antenna cable is the same or will work in an Inspiron 1200?
  • It probably won't fit but you can try anyways.
  • Ok. I'll bite, why won't it fit?
  • i am speculating but the case design and antenna wiring is probably different.
    for example, my latitude d600 has antenna cables going to a big green and silver chips on opposite sides of the motherboard.
    my latitude d610, d620, and d630 antenna cables go to the LCD screen.
  • The Latitudes and Inspirons are totally different families of notebooks; other than hard drives (if the same interface and form factor), CPU (in some cases), memory (in some cases), MiniPCI cards and maybe the Bluetooth module I wouldn't expect anything else to be interchangeable between the two notebook families. Unless you have something concrete because you know it won't work I would appreciate you refraining from the speculative posts. If the Inspiron 6000 antenna cable won't work, what would you recommend to use that will work? Reply with something constructive that assists the poster that's making the inquiry. If you don't have any reasonable recommendation then you are wasting everyone's time. It's pretty obvious that the lack of an antenna cable in the Inspiron 1200 is a common issue if you want to add internal wi-fi after the fact. The Inspiron 6000 and 1200 both have the antenna cable going to the display assembly. I did my due diligence on that looking at the respective service manuals online. The question is can I use an Inspiron 6000 antenna cable in a 1200 since they both go into the display assembly? Has anyone tried it and knows for a fact it works? It appears that just from my simple due diligence step of looking at the similarities of the antenna cable between the Inspiron 1200 & 6000 that I'm a step above you in researching the issue. People post on these forums looking for answers, if you don't know then don't post a reply; it wastes the original poster's time reading it. I can get better answers from Ms. Cleo, a magic eight ball, a ouija board or my cat.
  • Hi,

    Did you manage to fit antenna to your Inspiron 1200?.

    If so, which antenna did you use?. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.