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#m1004 overheating error

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#m1004 overheating error

  • My Dell Inspiron 1300 has just started turning itself off and when re-started I get the overheating #m1004 error message.  Can anyone assist with how to fix this issue?
    This helped me.
  • Remove the deadly dust bunnies.

    Use a can of air.


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Remove the Cover, Then blow out the copper heatsink.

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  • I have a Dell Studio PP3L. I have had it for close to 3 years now and i'm having the M1004 overheating issue. I have taken it apart to cool it, cleaned the fan off, and i sit infront of a fan to try and keep it cool. Do you  think  the solution for the inspiron 1300 laptop would work on this laptop as well...

  • I was a Dell service provider for 5 years working on countless laptop, desktops, ect... ect... .  I was certified on more that 300 of their products and was also a DCSE.  If it is overheating make dell replace the motherboard and processor,  just blowing it out does not mean there wasn't any damage from heat.  Yeah and I have heard from people that the firmware that shuts it down because of overheating will prevent this,  that is ***.