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Dell Dimension 4550 Motherboard Upgrade

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Dell Dimension 4550 Motherboard Upgrade

  • Yes, if you replace the case. If you choose not to, be sure you're handy with cutting sheet metal and rewiring on the fly. The board will not fit the case without heavy modification.

    Also budget for a new (retail) copy of Windows, as the OEM XP CD is tied to the Dell BIOS.
  • Just searched other threads and realized this.  I got a P4 3.6ghz from a friend and was looking at one of those 1/2 1/2 boards atleast until I get a job etc to really improve my performance.  I was hoping I would get a lot more fps in games if I got a 775 mobo and kept all my old stuff.  I could probably get a nice return for my 4550 case+motherboard too (seen them sell for quite a bit on ebay).  I already have a copy of Windows :smileywink:  Which mobo would you guys suggest that supports a Core 2 Duo, AGP card (I have a 9600xt), and DDR RAM.

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  • cougs363
    The board is also out of stock.
    I don't know how many times someone asks if they can install a standard motherboard in their Dell.  Someone needs to make a sticky on the topic.

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  • I wouldn't bother spending the money on a Core 2 and then hamstringing it with AGP and DDR.

    There are some AGP boards that support the Core 2, but very few (if any) will take anything other than DDR2 DRAM.
  • I have a Pentium 4 3.6ghz.  I'm just trying to think of a <$100 upgrade to be able to utilize the 3.6ghz P4 I got for free.  I mean 6600gt's for PCI-E go for $20 on ebay, while the AGP version goes for >$50-60
  • I agree with ejn63. That 9600XT would be a bottleneck in a system with a 3.6GHz P4. What processor do you have now? A new video card would probably be better, especially if higher FPS in games is your goal. The video card reflects FPS more than a CPU. Unless your CPU is a bottlneck (like a lower 1.xGHz or something), you'd get much better value for the money spent if you were to go with a 7600GT or something.
  • Would a dual slot AGP card such as the x850xt or something like that be fine in a Dimension 4550?  Also, could my PSU power a card that took up 70w or so on its own?  I have 2 CD/DVD drives, 1 HD, 2 sticks of DDR RAM, mobo, 2.53P4, and what would be the new card. 

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  • Maybe. I suspect it would work fine, but the longetivity of it comes into question, and that's why I upgraded my PSU. FYI, for the month and a half or so my setup below was used on it, the stock PSU did work absolutely fine. No crashes, restarts, nothing. I had an extra HDD and two extra modules of RAM (I'm using 4x256MB) on my setup. You also have a more power conservative Northwood CPU.
  • This would just need to last for a little while anyways.  I was also looking at 6800 vanilla's and modding them to 6800gt or ultra's or just picking up a x800xl (very good with COD2).  I just wanted to make sure 2 slot cards are fine to use. 
  • Cards with dual slot cooling will work.

    In regards to the regular 6800, that won't need a new PSU. Another member has been running one for something like three years fine oon the same 250 watt PSU. The other higher 6800s and the X800s might though.

    If it's only to last a while, I wouldn't go too big and get a new PSU on top of that. A regualar 6800 will do, and then there's the 7600GT, which is better than a 6800 and won't require a new PSU. Depending on where you're shopping and what you want, it's your call. Dual cards will work fine and if it's short term only, I don't think power will be a big issue.
  • I am honestly trying to find a card in the $55 range on ebay right now for the best performance.  When waiting for an answer last night, I let a 6800 ultra slip by for $50 and the person used the "Buy it now" option 10 minutes later.  I just want to be able to play COD2 at 125fps constant besides smoke at 1440x900, dx7, med settings.  My friend with a 7600gs turned on the same settigns I play at and got that FPS, so I'm shooting for something similar to that card.
  • For a 6800 Ultra, that's very cheap. You probably won't see that again. Are you SURE it was an AGP 6800 and not a PCI-Express 6800? The AGP versions cost more and that's what you need. Last I knew, the 6800GS/GT cards in AGP go for around $100, give or take. The PCI-Express cards will be cheaper, but they won't work in AGP motherboards.

    I'm not sure $55 will get much. From worst to better, it goes like this.

    6600GT - 7600GS - 6800 "NU"/XT/LE - 6800GS/GT - 7600GT - 7800GS

    I can't claim for certain, as other factors come into play, so you may not get the same performance your friend does. If he has a faster CPU or memory, that may be why, but concerning only video cards, above is what will perform better than a 7600GS. Again, not sure what $55 will get you. You might be able to find an old 9800 Pro for that, but it's not as good as any of the above, and given you already have 9600XT, it probably wouldn't be worth it.
  • I ended up buying a 6600gt for $55.  Unfortunately, a few hours later someone offered me a 6800gt for $50 :smileysad:.  I might try to sell the 6600gt locally and then go for his card though.  I can still sell my 9600xt too (won't get probably more than $20-30 for it).