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Latitude D610 video card upgrade

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Latitude D610 video card upgrade

  • Where can I find the instructions to upgrade the video card on a DELL Latitude D610.  I am not satisfied with screen resolution (1024 x 768), would like (1400 x 1050).
  • The resolution has nothing to do with the video card - it is a function of the display panel.

    At any rate, while the video cannot be upgraded on this model (it's soldered to the system board), you can replace the display panel with an SXGA unit. Make sure you buy one for a D610 - they are not universal - and make sure you get the complete assembly with the inverter. New, figure on a $400-500 price tag; there are used ones for less (but of course you then have no way to know how much the panel has been used, so you may wind up with one that has a backlight that's near the end of its life).
  • BTW
    You can use a D600 SXGA LCD on the D610, you don't even need to change the inverter cable.
    A complete assembly with cable and plastic etc should go for $200, screen by itself should be about $175 on eBay, if you want to look there

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  • does the sxga screen have better contrast than the xga screen? - my lament is not the screen resolution, but the less than extraordinary screen quality...
  • How do i change the onboard memory being used in the d610?
  • i have  a  dell  laptop  that  is  latitude d610