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CPU upgrade on Inspiron 6400/E1505

  • Can my Inspiron 6400/E1505 be upgraded with a Core 2 Duo CPU? In general what are the CPU upgrade options for this model? There is plenty of information flying all around but I cannot somehow find answers I seek.
  • Yes, the system will take the Core 2.
  • I bought an E1505 in August for my sons.  They have the core solo and 1 gig of Mem.
    Which core2 would you recommed I buy for these machines?  Can I get the E6300 ?
    Do I have to update the bios?

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  • You may want to check out this article before upgrading.  Depending on how you use the computer it may or may not be worth the upgrade.
  • OK, so I talked to Dell and they confirm that this upgrade is possible but they (Dell) never do it; PC is sold and shipped pre-configurer "as is" according to customer's wish, which of course makes sense.
    But my question is the following: in 2-year's time it will be a 2-years old notebook but I do want to scrap it. It has max 2 GB very fast RAM so I can only think of putting on a bigger HDD (mine is 100 GB, 7200 rpm) and faster CPU. The motherboard of my 6400/E1505 will host both sorts of CPU so Duo2Core is most welcome. But does anybody have any information how to do it? I do realize that the ugprade of the CPU need not be easy, some setting upon the motherboard jumpers will have to be done as well most probably. Where can I get some technical documentation on the motherboard, the settings, configuration etc. Anybody would so kind as to quote some links?
  • Here's a generic article on upgrading laptops, including step-by-step instructions for replacing teh CPU:
  • If you were to upgrade, it wouldn't be an "E-series" Core2... It would have to be a "T-series" Core2. Just look at what Dell currently offers for the 1505 on their website and you'll see what it can support. I personally have a T7200 (2.0GHz/4MB) in my 1705/9400.

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  • Very nice and helpful answer, thanks! I will try to get one T-series Core2Duo CPU if only I can get it for I can see that all online stores here in Switzerland offer but the E-series processors. It would be cool if I could fit a nice T7200 babe into my Inspiron, wouldn't it? What is the average sales price for T7200 in USA?
    And yet another question: if a new CPU is nicely fit it, will I have to make any changes on the jumpers on the motherboard?
  • You shouldn't have to mess with any jumpers on your motherboard and try for a t7200. 
  • The E-series is for desktop computers and the T-series is for portable computers. Newegg can get you an idea for pricing in the US, but I'm not sure if they ship international. There are some vendors in the US that do ship international if you can't find a vendor that can get you one of these processors in your country.

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  • Prices of CPU's have become nicer recently in Switzerland so I am planning to get this Core2Duo now. But before I make the final purchase, please help me be sure I am buying the right thing.
    I want to buy the Core2Duo T-7200 2.00 GHz 667 MHz and now few questions:
    1) Is the cache L2 2 MB or 4 MB
    2) Is the socket 478 or 479?
    The user manual reads this Inspiron 6400/E1505 can have CPU with L2 cache 1 MB or 2 MB. Does it mean it cannot work with 4 MB L2 cache? I can see in a shop they have both T-7200 2.00 GHz with 2 MB and 4 MB of L2 cache.
    What is the story with the socket? Am I having 478 or 479 type? I cannot find this information.
    I would really appreciate a little bit of friendly advice. Which model should I buy?
  • I have received from you guys some links to videos demonstrating how to change a CPU, thanks. None of them however shows how to change a CPU on Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505. I know that to remove the keyboad, I need not open anything under the computer.
    So just one general question: is it easy to put a Core2Duo into my E1505? Anybody has done it yet? Maybe some hints? I know I should not count on direct help from Dell, they don't like when people mess up too deep into their PC. I have ugpraded various CPU's on my desktop computers, that is piece of cake, you're almost welcome to do it, but things look different with laptop computers which are hard to access and pack-solid.
  • Hi - it was a bit time ago once you started the thread but actually I am thinking about something similar: upgrading my Inspiron E1505 from Core Duo to Core 2 Duo and I wonder how was your upgrading story, have you managed to do it? was it easy or difficult?
  • Actually, I never upgraded my Inspiron, but now they Core2Duo CPU's are so cheap, that I will probably go for it.
  • please put some info here once you done .... good luck ...