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Dell Dimension L566CX (LXXXcx)Upgrades?

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Dell Dimension L566CX (LXXXcx)Upgrades?

  • I wonder if someone can help.

    I am trying to find out what the motherboard in this Dell Dimension L566CX will support in terms of processor and what the rest of the spec of the board is.

    I have looked on the Dell site and not really found anything that refers to this exact model. As most of the info I have found seems to relate to an older model.

    I have looked at the CPU and found that its a Celeron 566Mhz that runs at 66Mhz bus speed, and 1.5v. What I really wanted to know is whether the board can take a Celeron at a greater speed in terms of bus (at 100Mhz) and higher voltage as some processors where made at 1.7v?

    Also can it take a normal PIII processor running at 100 MHz? And 1.7v?

    The RAM can be maxed out at 512Mb according to the site; can this be done with just one 512 DIMM rather than 2x256Mb?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated...
  • Is this the spec you're looking at?  According to this, your L566cx will support a 100 MHz FSB.
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    The board has a socket 370, so that presents some potential problems.  The spec only lists Celerons so you might not be able to put a PIII in it.  It also has the 810e chipset which means your onboard video is AGP but you likely have no socket to support an add-on AGP card.  The limit on the memory may be per socket as well as total, and has to do with how much the cache will support and whether or not the memory controller will support memory densities of the sort needed to use a 512 MB memory module.
    I don't know what you had in mind for upgrades, but I personally think your money would be better spent on a new computer.

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  • Hey man...pretty cool that I found this message.

    My mom had the same PC she got off her union with the same CPU for like $100. I wanted to upgrade the CPU a few years ago and did so, despite calls to DELL and whatnot. I pumped in a Pentium 3 CPU at 1Ghz without a problem. After bootup, the BIOS displayed the computer as a L1000r or something like that afterwards, not a L566cx anymore, but everything works fine.

    In terms of memory, I had 2 256 chips in that PC and one day even tried a 512 chip, but it didn't work sadly. But the answer to your question is yeah...that particular DELL can support a 1Ghz CPU at 100 FSB.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for the answers...

    To answer the first post, the machine is for use as a Firewall running Linux. Therefore the spec of the machine doesn't need to be very high and thus does not need to be an all singing all dancing machine, hence it's usefulness.

    However, the reason I posted this request was to know what my options are in terms of upgrade if the machine required a small upgrade to run because the software was not doing great with the Celeron processor.

    I wanted to ask one other question. Is the board size Dell has in this system a Micro ATX board?
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    It's a Dell proprietary Micro ATX motherboard.
    The following upgrade site for older Dell systems, may be useful,
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