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Screws for Hard Drive Carrier

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Screws for Hard Drive Carrier

  • I'm having trouble locating the flat head screws that you use to attach the hard drive to the carrier for the RAID array.  I thought the part number was 2213C but got a quote for a part 48480.  I tried locating them at various hardware stores, but cannot find anything like this screw.  Anyone got any ideas or knowledge?
  • P/N was 1213C on the older carriers
    P/N 48480 is a SCR,6-32X1/4",HX,TF,ZPS,TRI-PT
    P/N 1312C is a SCR,6-32X1/4",FLH,MS,ZPS,CTSK
    Should run about 5c each plus shipping.
    warwizard DCSP
  • Hi! We're new to this forum. Could you send us a link for ordering this part. Thanks.
  • Hi! The correct part number was 2213C as I originally thought.  I don't have a link any more.
    Hope this helps.
  • That part can probably not be ordered online. Often these parts need to be ordered from Dell spare parts over the phone. Expect to pay more for shipping than the part :).

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  • You were right. We had to call 800-357-3355 to place an order. Total order: $5.00 (5 cents/item). Total shipping and handling: $5.35.
  • can you get these at the local hardware store ?