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NO upgrades for the Dell Dimension 8400's 350 watt power supply???

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NO upgrades for the Dell Dimension 8400's 350 watt power supply???

  • Help! My Dell 4 month old Dimension 8400 came with a 350 watt power supply and I would like to upgrade it to one with 400 watts or more for high-end video card purposes. Dell Parts Department told me there are no compatible power supplies with more than 350 watts for the 8400. I read the previous posts on here about PC Power & Cooling Inc and called them since they did not have a compatible power supply for my PC listed on their website. James, at PC Power & Cooling Inc confirmed that no body in the world makes a compatible power supply for the Dell Dimension 8400 other than Dell. And Dell onl;y has a 350 watt one. Geez. I'm not a happy camper. Any advice? 
  • What are you trying to upgrade to? Odds are you don't need a new PSU.
  • Whether I need to or not is not the issue. I want to. Any suggestions?
  • Sell the 8400
  • With that kind of attitude you probably won't get very many suggestions at all. Tigerwolf is simply saying that your venture is probably more trouble than it's worth. First of all, "high end" graphics cards don't use much more power than most midrange cards. Second off, Dell power supplies are underrated.  You can run the X850 just fine in the 8400. So unless you're talking about an SLI configuration (which of course isn't possible on any Dell system), you won't need more than your stock psu. I suppose you could also have your system overloaded with a bunch of other power hungry accessories. But then I must also ask "Why"? I can perfectly understand wanting the best, but if what you want requires more than a 350w power supply, to be honest the 8400 isn't for you.  You should have invested in the Gen5 or better (a non Dell system obviously).
  • I greatly appreciate the above post to my question. That's probably the best answer I have read in this entire forum on this subject. I apologize if I sounded frustrated but I was. After speaking to several people in India (or wherever, that could not communicate in my language extremely well), reading other similar posts here with vague answers (like they were trying to avoid admitting Dell did not make a 400+ watt power supply for my new Dell Dimension 8400), I was truly frustrated. I just needed a direct answer. Thanks for taking the time to help me.
  • Some manufactures of power supplies, list the power of their p/s at its peak, so you may get the 400 watt power supply, which might be the peak wattage, and cannot go any higher without issues, and the Dells power supply, in the 350 watter, is the mean average, and the peak is over 400 watts, which may defeat the purchase of a 400 watter all together.  You have to be very careful in selecting a power supply manufacture and find out if what it list is the peak or the mean average.  Just a thought, and please don't ask me to say this again.  Hard the first time

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  • Hey rmeadcpa
    I also have a dimension 8400 and was looking at purchasing a new power supply, was looking at getting something with at least 450w for my graphics card, however I installed a 6800gt myself and so far i'm having no troubles with it at all. However I dont want to take any risks so did you have any luck finding a new power supply for your system? Would be very interested in finding out!
  • Hey Darkblue,

    The people on here keep skirting the issue and/or hiding the fact that Dell does not make a power supply greater than 350 watts for the Dimension 8400. The machine requires a propietary connector that nobody else has duplicated and you cannot buy a compatible power supply from any other vendor in the world that will work with the 8400. So you are stuck with the 350 watt Dell power supply. Fortunately it seems to work fine with the top-end video cards, but I'ts sad to learn that our new $1,000 PC's are not upgradeable in the power supply department.

    And TigerWolf,

    I appreciate your comments but they were not really helpfull because they never really answered our questions directly. Why not just tell us that Dell does not make another power supply for the 8400? A direct answer like that would be honest and save people like us a lot of time trying to discover it for ourselves. 

  • Yeah I totally agree with you rmeadcpa, people round here do not seem to answer the questions you are specifically asking. Thanks for at least putting my mind to rest about the whole power supply question. Now im thinking of just buying a new box, psu and mobo and porting the rest of my computer into it. Man dell can be frustrating sometimes.. anyway thanks alot for your help dude. Good luck with your 8400 :)
  • That's because you're asking the wrong question and we know it. This has been answered 40 billion times before on here. There are usually multiple posts about it right on the front page of the forum, and it's probably in some of the stickies. You do NOT need an upgraded power supply. You're just wasting your money. I've even seen people happily pay money to downgrade their PSU without knowing it, all while their original PSU was completly fine.
  • Sorry guy's actually there is an after market power supply!!It is a KDM power supply designed to replace the original power supply NEW 450W POWER SUPPLY Replace Dell Dimension 4600,4700,8400 - FREE PRIORITY SHIPthe oem 350 watt and this is for sale on ebay for a very reasonable price!

  • I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to point out that there was a time when high end video cards were saying you had to have 750 or 1000 watt power supplies to be able to install and use them.

    I have seen video cards pull more power than the system board could supply and it caused the system to randomly crash from overheating.

    The most important thing to keep in mind with Dell systems is this. They are not designed to be upgraded. Dell is in the business of selling computers. Buy what you need and if it doesn’t do the job any more, Dell wants you to buy a new system, NOT upgrade what you have.

    So, buy high end, use it until it doesn’t do the job, then buy a new unit.