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Inspiron 2650 memory upgrade installation guide

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Inspiron 2650 memory upgrade installation guide

  • Hi everybody,
    Can anybody help me how to install New 256mb ram in Inspiron 2650. Is there any installation guide available online specifically for this model?
  •, enter service tag, choose Documentation - Removing and Replacing Parts.
  • I cannot seem to find the specific area you reference on do you go to enter your service tag? I can't find the right spot.
  • Thanks, John, for the response!

    The existing 256MB are in two sticks, however, and I don't see anything in the link you provided that talks about the other stick--my thinking is to replace the more difficult one first, allowing for an easier upgrade when I'm ready to replace the 2nd stick of 128MB in a few weeks. Either way, I'm going to need the instructions for replacing the more difficult to replace stick at SOME point.

    Is there a link somewhere on that page that details the other replacement process? I only saw a walk-through of the memory module itself--apparently, the other stick requires the removal of nine other screws, and I can't tell which ones those are. Thanks in advance!


  • Basically you remove the keyboard and the emi shield under that and the other memory module is right there.  Just remove the "K" screws on the bottom and the keyboard comes out, then the screws for the shield are there to remove.  - skip pulling the display assy

  • Very cool!

    (I'll let you know how it goes!)

  • I would like to Thank you all to respond to my quary and get it clarified.
  • Well, I have now attempted to make this change to my system....I had trouble getting a part on Dell's site, so I grabbed a stick of 256MB memory along with a replacement battery while surfing on eBay. The battery worked fine, but the memory stick he sent me was PC2700S--the seller insists this is compatible. I attempted the upgrade, but couldn't get my 2650 to boot up--worse yet, the fan didn't operate & made a beeping noise. After studying a few other posts (it's kinda hard to re-find a thread on this forum!), I replaced the 128MB of PC2100S that came with my computer, and was finally able to get my system running the way it was. (It was pretty scary for a few minutes, I have to say!)
    Anyway, should I just bail on the memory I got on eBay, chalk it up to experience, and buy a stick from Dell after all? Or should this stick of memory I purchased be compatible? Is there an easy way to tell?
    Getting to the internal memory stick was NOT as easy as everyone made out, by the way, but it was definitely do-able. I can see why Dell states that it is not a consumer-customizable upgrade, but it wasn't THAT difficult.
    Thanks to anyone who has an opinion!