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600m with PC2700 RAM from Dell??

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600m with PC2700 RAM from Dell??

  • I just bought a 600m about a week ago. I was looking to upgrade my 512mb RAM to 1 Gb. Well, I've read and look everywhere (including Dell's website), and it seems that the 600m uses the PC2100 RAM. But when I check to see the RAM Dell has put into my laptop, I see that it's a PC2700! and not a PC2100. So what should I get? or do?
  • get 2100
  • In theory, you can put PC2700 or PC2100 in the laptop and it will detect it and use it. However, if it is able to use PC2700 and you install a stick of pc2100, it will only run at the PC2100's speed (ie, 200mhz versus 266mhz).

    It's also much safer to match the memory that's already installed as exactly as possible (ie, same brand, model, speed, timings, only the size should differ). You run a small risk of problems if you mismatch.
  • I thought pc2100 -> 133 Mhz
    PC2700 -> 166 Mhz

    Are you saying if I put pc2700 in 600m, it will run 133Mhz???
    I am pretty sure 600m runs at pc2100 speed only?
  • pc2700 --> 333mhz
    pc2100--> 266mhz
    If u put in pc2700 even then it will operate at 266mhz so no point getting that (and I see more deals on pc2100 as compared to pc2700).... moreover I personally wud recommend getting pc2100 cuz thats what dell and crucial suggest....
  • makbay16 - I think you're technically right about the actual clock speeds (133/166).

    I still think you should match them. I suspect that the chipset itself supports pc2700... although what the bios does with that... who knows.

    Dell notoriously "adjusts" specifications to hit the performance price points they need to hit. I wouldn't put it past them to use the exact same hardware in one machine as another, but only sell the lower-end machine with pc2100.
  • A buddy of mine also opened his 600m to find what Dell put in his laptop. Sure it enough, it was also a PC2700. I'll assume Dell knows what they're doing.

    Thanks for all the replies so far!
  • Recently 333 seems cheaper than the pc2100 266 stuff ...  If it will run both (at the slower speeds) i'm sure dell is just trying to save some money
  • I recently upgraded my 600m's RAM. It came with 2 Hynix PC2700 256 MB RAM and I bought a new Hynix PC2700 512 MB SODIMM at a local PC store and it works fine. (The surplus 256 MB will be given to someone, having tested it in another laptop first with a Samsung PC2100 256 MB RAM and that worked too).

    Yes, PC2100 RAM seems to be more expensive now.

    Also, it's much cheaper than buying the extra RAM at the time of ordering from DELL, or from Kingston online. Having one 512 MB stick from DELL would cost more than what I paid for the Hynix. The store did say I could take it back if it doesn't work for exchange.
  • Wrong! I have 2 dell 600m laptops where I installed PC2700 memory and both run fine at 333MHz speed.

    Question answered.

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