maximum CPU upgrade for GX260

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maximum CPU upgrade for GX260

  • does any one know the maximum CPU a gx260 can be taken to?
  • Any 400 MHz processor should work (so the limit would be a 2.6 GHz).



  • it accepts 533MHz FSB processor also! (we're not talking about GX240  )

    not sure about HT-enabled processors though.

  • They sell the GX260 with 3.06 w/HT so It must work. BIOS upgrade my be needed. Although $600+ is a "little" expensive for a processor. :)
  • I am running a 3.06 on this computer.  It orginally came with a 2.4!  I shopped on ebay under "optiplex" and also "P4 CPU". Paid much, much less..also try for new ones.
  • Hi guys,


    sorry to bump this up but since it is a serious decision which could result (if i go ahead with it) in blowing up my pc......................


    a mate of  mine has offered me a CHEAP Intel Pentium 4 Processor (Northwood) 3.06GHz, 533MHz FSB, Socket 478 this all good??


    thanks guys really appreciate it

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  • That's what I've been running since I posted my last message (a 3.06 on a 478 board w/1GB of ram...just make sure that if you use more than 1 slot of ram that they are compatable...I found out that Dells can be ram finicky!!!) Good Luck!!!!
  • Hi mvillacis,


    thnaks for the reply......i am going to get it right know ......................yeah baby more power here i come!!


    just one thing............ your processor is it HT enabled?

    the thing is if my gx260 can handle HT i would'.nt mind getting a HT processor but i do not know how to find out if my system can handle it???!??

  • Hi, I believe the GX260s shipped after a certain date have motherboards that can enable HT. My GX260 was shipped on 3/31/2003 and it has HT using BIOS a05.

  • Thanks for the input DHsieh,


    mine was shipped august is there anyway of telling if your gx260 can handle HT without actually buying a HT enabled processor and then discovering later after installation that it is not???


    cheers guys

  • You may want to search the forum for hyperthreading and GX260. I remember seeing a posting that gives the date when the GX260 motherboards are HT-enabled. I think it said early 2003, but I cannot be sure. August 2002 sounds too early.

  • DHsieh,

    The GX260's that supported hyperthreading began shipping around Nov '02  so any GX260 purchased after that date should support HT processors.  Hyperthreading support was added with bios A05. 


  • Thanks DELL-Mel,

    that is what i wanted to here.


    i did some searching but never knew which caregory i was in....anyway....


    BIG thankyou to all you guysfor helping

  • Hi guys


    just installed the p4 3.06 ghz 533 fsb processor, works perfect!!.....but unfiortunately no HT......

    however i was thinking that i did not flash my bios with revision a05 and went straight from a03 to a06......should or would this make a difference???

    would there be any harm of flashing my bios from what i have now a06 to a05???


    thanks guys any help sincerely appreciated

  • Found the CPU at I'm getting ready to upgrade my system.