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pci video card compatibility : 1600sc

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pci video card compatibility : 1600sc

  • i know with dells latest deal on the PowerEdge series server (namely popular is the 1600sc), and the fact that there is limited knowledge of the pci video card compatibilty, i was hoping to start a forum of compatible video cards and tricks to get pci video cards working on this system.  i have looked through the forms here, and havent found any definate cards that work.  i know dell techs cant suggest cards, but if anyone else has had success, post findings here.

    i bought one and will be posting my findings soon. 


  • I am using a VisionTek GeForce4 MX420 and it works great.  I will be trying an ATI 7500 64MB DDR Card later this week also.


  • Great idea!

    I'm waiting on mine to get here, should be 3/7-3/11, and have a 32Mb Radeon SDR, listed as a 7200 by the drivers that I will try. I suppose just for kicks I could try my old dual Voodoo2 setup, anyone for Quake

  • I've read elsewhere that ATI 9000 (PowerColor brand though) that has been freezing the 1600SC systems.  I was hoping 9000 would work because it has DVI and Analog support for dual screens!!!
  • Take a hard look at the ATI 7500.  It is fast enough for most things and has DVI out for around $75.

    I also saw this one, but don't know anything about it...JATON Nvidia Geforce4 MX440 64MB PCI DualVGA out, Model# 158PCI-64TWIN - Retail Box from Newegg.com.

  • I put a ATI All In Wonder 7500VE PCI in my new 1600sc, but when installing the drivers i get a video crash that leaves a flashing cursor in the upper left corner and nothing else. Seems like its probably conflicting with the onboard chip. I dont seem to be able to find any way to disable the onboard RAGE chip. What am I missing? Also, seems that the card has the notch to allow it to be put in a 64bit slot. I get the same results in either the 66MHz 64bit and the 33/32bit slot (should i try the 100/64bit?). My SoundBlaster Audigy works fine in one of the 66/64bit slots, leading me to believe that I could get the vid card to work in there too, with the right tweak. Any Ideas? This would make it into the best workstation ever if i can only get the vid to work!
  • ive heard of people installing their os with the video card in, then disabling the onboard video driver in the device manager and then rebooting into safemode and installing the proper pci video card driver. see if that helps redd.
  • well, my apollo geforce4 mx 440se arrived today, but i still have no 1600sc to put it into...ill let you all know when i get the box. hasnt shipped yet...hopefully soon!
  • thanks for the tip, but still no love for my All In Wonder VE
  • I had a radeon 7000 installed. It works fine but I can't update the driver.
  • ya, thats my problem. my AIW 7500 VE works fine with the generic driver in. but as soon as i try to install the updated catalyst drivers its over (lockup)
  • Things getting a little bit better. I can install the latest driver from ATI manually now, but not the control panel.

    I used the following step, hope it could help

    Assume your ati card is working properly with the microsoft driver.

    first, disable the on-board rage card, DO NOT uninstall it(otherwise it will be detected and installed automatically next time you boot your system)

    download the latest driver from ATI and unzip it( it is executable zip file, don't execute it, just unzip it)

    Uninstall the PCI video card, windows will ask you to reboot.

    When reboot, type F8 to enter the safe mode

    Windows will detect the pci card and tell you the driver is installed properly. Don't reboot the system at this time

    go to the hardware management and update the driver for the pci video card. Don't search,  manually locate the driver you just downloaded and unzipped.

    Reboot the system after the intallation is complete.

    It works for my ati radeo 7000 pci

  • OK, I also installed the control panel in safe mode.

    It still not perfect. My system crashed when I clicked the details button on Options. The rest (direct 3d and OpenGL) options seem fine.

    I installed the pci card in slot 2 (64bit, 66MHz)

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  • what  about motherboard chipset drivers, what are you using? what OS are you running? I have been trying to get XP setup properly, but there is no .inf installer that i can find for the ServerWorks Grand Champion chipset. i feel that if i had the MB devices detected properly in the OS, it might offer better video card stability.
  • I am using XP pro. I didn't notice anything special about the chipset. The only thing I need is the scsi driver from this link

    At the beginning of installation, you will need to hit some key to install 3rd party scsi drivers.

    If you are going to install XP, don't use the driver CD comes from DELL, Download the SCSI driver and NIC driver(can be done later), and use the XP install CD directly(choose the boot sequence in the bios and make sure the first one is cdrom). It works fine to me.

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