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How much RAM memory can my OptiPlex GX260 hold?

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How much RAM memory can my OptiPlex GX260 hold?

  • How much more RAM memory can my OptiPlex GX260 hold? 

    How do I know I'm getting the right type? 


    I tried to install a newer version of my virus scanner and got a message that I didn't have enough RAM memory for it.


    Here's is my current system configuration:


    General Information:
    Computer Model OptiPlex GX260
    BIOS Vendor Dell Computer Corporation BIOS Version A03
    BIOS Date 09-24-02
    Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Manufacturer Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
    Clock Speed 2.4GHz
    Available Memory 16.56%
    Page File Size 1665.8Mb
    Available Page File 20.40%
    Virtual Memory 2047.8Mb
    Available Virtual Memory 98.03%
    Memory Slot 1 [DIMM_A]  256Mb
    Memory Slot 2 [DIMM_B]  128Mb



  • your system has 2 memory slots and each slot can have a max of 1GB for a total of 2GB system memory.


    did the message say that you did not have enough virtual memory?  if that's the case, it's not the actual system memory, but virtual memory which refers to the swap file that windows uses and is saved as a file on your hard drive.  you can think of the swap file as analogous to the scratch paper sheets your math professor would give you to do your calculations so that you'll only need to put the answer on your test paper.  :)

  • Thanks.  The application actually used the phrase "RAM Memory," not virtual memory. 


    By the way, I know that sometimes the slots can take more than the processor can handle (another way to say it...once you hit a certain level of memory, no more amount of memory can speed things up).


    Is this a factor in my configuration?  I ask because I finally found the "optimum upgrades for your system" section on and it was suggested that I use 512 memory sticks rather than 1gb.




  • hmmmm...i guess the upgrade section at dell assumes that you use the computer just for office tasks and such.  but you could still use 1gb sticks just fine. 


    maybe you're loading a lot of stuff at startup so it gives you that message?