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No Display After CPU Upgrade Attempt - Please Help if You Can!

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No Display After CPU Upgrade Attempt - Please Help if You Can!

  • I have a Dell Latitude D800.  I recently upgraded the video card after the old one went bad.  This was great as I got a GeForce Go 5650.


    I decided to go online and find out if I could get a CPU upgrade and I bougt an Intel Pentium M 2.0 Ghz processor (SL7EM.)  It is compatitble with the board and should work.


    I changed out the CPU and got nothing, just the three lights on the power bar coming on for about 2 seconds and then going off.  I tried a couple more times.


    I put my old CPU back in and it booted but my temperature readings were all messed up for my GPU and CPU and the fans were both on full blast.  I decided that I must not have had the CPU fan secure or I needed to plug the keyboard in or something but that it was ok.


    I tried the SL7EM CPU again - same result.  I decided to disconnect all power and hold down the power button for a minute.  After I did this I got the same result, so I figured it must be a bad CPU and I proceeded to switch back to the old one.


    This time when I switch back to my 1.6Ghz CPU I NOW GET NOTHING WITH THAT ONE!!


    Is there anything I can do?  I've tried to re-seat the CPU several times and I tried to hold the button down on this 1.6Ghz again but that didn't help.


    What could have gone wrong here? I mean it sounds like the CPU was bad, but could it freak with the power on my board in a way that caused it to break forever?  What exactly does holding the button down do?  I thought it just forced the bios to attempt a re-scan of everything in the machine?


    Please help and let me know if there is anything that can be done.

  • Is it possible the CPU you purchased was bad? Yes.

    Is it possible the CPU you purchased damaged your mainboard? Yes.

    Is it likely? Maybe not.

    I would first double check that none of the pins on the CPU are bent/damaged. Also, double check the socket to make sure no pins broke and are stuck in the socket.

    I have the Precision M60, which is the same laptop.

    I haven't tried upgrading a CPU in a laptop since my Inspiron 3500.

    XPS M1530 (BIOS A11): Vista Home Premium SP1
    T9300/LG 1680x1050/256MB 8600GT/3GB/200GB FFS/DVDRW

  • Thanks for the response!


    For Desktops, I've tried CPUs in boards that were bad and CPUs that were bad in good boards and never had a problem.  I've tried CPUs that weren't compatible, and I've never had one damage a board, so I think there might be something wrong with the video card.  It was kinda shaky and I tried to change the fan at the same time as the CPU upgrade.


    I'll check for a broken pin because that is a really good suggestion.  I'm also going to test another video card later this week.


    Do you know exactly what holding the power button down does when battery and cord are disconnected?

  • Holding down the power button is like a reset.. make sure your power adapter is unpluged , battery also.. Hold down count to 60 and plug it back in.. Sometimes you have to give it a little longer to reset.. Basically you are depleteing the cmos but not the security chip for passwords and such... Good luck..
  • Thanks to both of you who have already responded


    I opened it back up tonight and revearsed my tinkering with the video card, made sure that the CPU was plugging in to an ultra clean socket and ensured the CPU fan was attached tightly.


    It comes back on and boots to windows, but the temperature readings are way off.  I don't get any reading from the GPU and the CPU is read at 85 degrees which I don't think is accurate, the board thinks it is because both fans are cranked full blast.


    I'm wondering if I might be having some kind of problem with the heatsink or the CPU fan.  Anyone know?  Anyone seen a similar thing happen before?




    I ran the diagnostics at boot and it reported to following error


    Preboot System Assessment Build 3012 

    Start DST Short Test

    Test Results Fail

    Error Code 1000-0146

    Unit 0 DST Log Contains Previous Errors


    and gave the following long beeps:

    beep = b pause = p

    b p bbbb p bbbbbb


    It then prompted me to boot to the diagnostic CD which produced the following errors

    CPU Thermistor Checking Temp Sensor

    Error Code 3900:0626

    Msg Temperature Sensor Out of Range

    Temp = 255c, min 10c, max 100c


    Other Thermistor Sensor Range Test Checking Temp Sensor

    Error Code 3900:0626


    Processor Fan on/off test - System immediatly shut down



    Searched on the forum for my errors 

    I rebooted and hit Alt-F to reset all bios values

    Pushed Fn-Z to reset the temperature sensors - THIS WORKED!

    I can now pass the diagnostic tests I was failing


    So this makes me wonder if this CPU is actually bad, or just not compatible with the D800.

    One additional wrinkle here is that I had the M60 Bios flashed on my D800 when I attempted the upgrade.

    Does anyone have experience with this CPU in a D800, I8600, or M60?


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  • A question I forgot to ask:

    Which BIOS version are you running?

    Both the A11 and A12 BIOS list * Added support new Intel processors* as an added enhancement.

    XPS M1530 (BIOS A11): Vista Home Premium SP1
    T9300/LG 1680x1050/256MB 8600GT/3GB/200GB FFS/DVDRW

  • I actually had bios revision A09 for the M60 flashed on my D800.  This could be the problem. 


    I found on this site where others have upgraded their D800s to SL7V3 which is 2.1 Ghz, so this has got to be a compatible chip - Dothan core same bus frq.


    I have D800 bios rev A13 already on CD and will flash back before attempting another time.  I actually got my hands on a different SL7EM 2.0Ghz and will give it a shot this weekend.


    Thanks again for the responses.  I flashed up to the M60 bios to try and get a Quadro FX Go1000 video card to work.  I had this weird problem where it would black out when I tried to change resolution.  The M60 bios didn't help with that, so I might as well go back.  Any dangers in running the flash program from CD instead of old school floppies?



    I flashed D800 A13 bios back on the machine and then the new SL7EM worked just fine.  I don't know if I will test the other CPU again.  Its probably fine but gave me the weird result because I had the M60 bios flashed.  I'll post if I figure out a way to test that doesn't involve a lot of risk (or if I just decide to try it anyway).  Thanks again for all the responses!

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  • Tested the original SL7EM with which I had a problem and it worked fine.  It looks like the mis-matched bios was my issue here.