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Dimension 8100 mainboard/processor upgrade

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Dimension 8100 mainboard/processor upgrade

  • Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 8100 and I had read that the mainboard is a specific (non-standard) type that cannot be exchanged for most mainboard upgrades because of the way that it is held inside the Dell case.  I am not opposed to buying a new case and transferring everything over from my Dell EXCEPT for the mainboard and processor, which I am trying to upgrade (if it is possible).  Please no overly negative responses, I am looking for someone with a positive outlook on upgrading to tell me if it is physically possible to upgrade the system (with a new case or in the old case) to a better mainboard with a better processor (such as the Intel Core 2 Duo, which someone already told me I couldn't do in the 8100 but I think they were a naysayer).  I have my Windows Vista system index/rating where I would like it EXCEPT for the processor, which does not meet the recommended requirements of the games I would like to play.  Please help me if you can because I have put a lot of money into this old system already and I think I am on the verge of making it decent again if I can just fix this problem.  Thanks.
  • What you can re-use:

    CD/DVD drive, hard drive, sound card if installed, keyboard mouse and monitor.

    What you cannot re-use:

    Case, power supply, mainboard, CPU and heatsink, RAM and video card.

    To do what you want, you'll need a case, power supply, mainboard, CPU, heatsink, chassis fans, all new RAM and a new video card.
  • You will also need a new copy of the OS. You can't just put your old drive into a new box and have everything as it was before. You will also need to reinstall all your applications and games.
    The things you can reuse are all the cheapies. Better off to buy a new machine. It will be cheaper in the long run.
    In addition, the 8100 uses RDRAM, which you can't use in a new box.
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  • Thanks for your replies.
    "What you cannot re-use:

    Case, power supply, mainboard, CPU and heatsink, RAM and video card."
    I understand about the RAM, but why can't I reuse my video card?  I recently installed an nVidia GeForce 7600 to replace the GeForce 3 that came with the machine.
    Also, I upgraded the power supply with PC Power and Cooling so I'm also a little confused about that one as well.

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  • Green_057

    The Dimension 8100 power supply, is a highly proprietary unit, made especially for only the 8100 and three or four other older Dell systems and is not compatible with standard ATX motherboards, or even the newer Dell systems.

    Regards to the video card, the D-8100 supports AGP cards, the newer motherboards, support PCIe cards, not AGP.


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