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Latitude C610.... what can I upgrade?

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Latitude C610.... what can I upgrade?

  • I have a C610, how big can I go on the processor? And can the video card be upgraded? Where is a good place to buy upgrades? Thanks.
  • CPU to a P3-1.3 GHz mobile Pentium 3 m.

    The video card upgrades are limited to those shipped by Dell for this model:

    ATI Radeon 7500 mobility or nVidia GeForce2Go. It's not worth "upgrading" one to the other, as they're about even in terms of performance. There's no other option and if you decide to change the video, realize that the cards are Dell proprietary parts.
  • 120GB  PATA/EIDE HDD. Nvidia made a GeFORCE 2 GO 32mb video card
    D P/N 4H992 specifically for this model, but they are hard to find and expensive when you do. This link is to a sample. The Inspiron 4100 is a hardware clone of the C610. This is as cheap as I have seen

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  • The only thing that would be economical to upgrade would be the hard drive and memory if it's not maxed out.  The C-610 supports up to 1Gb of memory SDRAM (PC133) which is expensive now due to its low demand.  If you can find some good used memory, it might be worth it.
    The hard drive is EIDE which is limited to 120Gb.  If you have a disk intensive application, it might be worth upgrading to a 7200rpm drive.
    This would be a good PC for surfing the network and general work but if you're trying to play games, it will never make a good gaming PC.

  • You can add external video via dell CDOCKII via PCI slot and PA-9 power adaptor.
    HOWEVER just because you can do this doesnt mean that it works really well or is a worthwhile upgrade.

    Cant say much for the C640 either. For what its worth my maxed out 610 has
    internal Mini PCI wireless, 1 gig of ram, 80 gig segate momentus hard drive,
    Windows XP Pro, the 1.2Ghz Pentium3M

    As a coffeeshop surfboard it works just fine.

    As a game machine its terrible.

    The lowest end gamer dell I have is an Inspiron 5160 with the 64 meg Nvidia Geforce 5200 go.

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