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Dell Optiplex 755 blue screen on boot CD XP

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Dell Optiplex 755 blue screen on boot CD XP

  • I can not boot off any windows XP cd or restore cd. I get a blue screen on all systems when it starts to boot up. I have two diffent CD's drives so that is not the problem. This is a brand new system just out of the box and I am installing Windows XP on it. What Bios setting do I have to change to get it to bood on the XP CD boot disk.

  • At what point exactly is the BSOD, and what is the error?
    Enter the bios and change the Sata Operation to "RAID Autodetect/ATA " or "ATA" depending on what form factor 755 you have.
  • I have seen another post like this. i tried chatting with Dell but they won't tell me what the setting is to change. I am sure it not the Memory, because I swapped with all good memory. I am going to try a Dell XP boot CD tonight but i supect that will not work. It probably a SATA problem, but I have not seen any errors on this. It could be a vidio error, but i dou't it!
    Shame Dell won't just say what the FIX is for this:smileymad:
  • Got the same problem and figured it out, go into setup, then into Drives, SATA Operations, and change the setting from RAID Autodetect/AHCi to RAID Autodetect/ATA. Once I did this everything came up fine. Hope this helps.
  • Just to note: after you install the OS, try installing the recent chipset drivers either from this site or Intel's and then reboot and switch back to AHCI, which offer better performance when compared to ATA.
    Edit: Just tried this, but was unable to have the OS boot under AHCI mode.  Would anyone know how to accomplish this?  I know you'll need the SATA Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver to do this.

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  • I wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to restore OptiPlex 755 to the original partition, ie. original screen when the person boots up the PC for the very first time. I tried F8, Ctrl-F11, etc but to no avail.