PCI-e Splitter Cable (UK)

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PCI-e Splitter Cable (UK)

  • I need the (or any) PCI-e cable splitter that Dell use in XPS410/Dimension 9200s for 8800GTX's and cannot find one anywhere on the net for UK. I need this as I have just bought a GTX.
    Any help very much appreciated,
  • Do you mean the connector you need to do SLI? You should be able to contact Dell spare parts to order it.
  • No, the 6-pin power connector splitter that Dell use for 8800GTX's in Dimensions. I have spoken with a Liaison member of the forum and have found some useful help if anyone else is in this position.

    CN043 Video Power Cord Y-Harness
    Call General Sales and ask if there is a different phone number for Spare Parts

    Hopefully this will help
  • http://www.amazon.co.uk/Molex-Express-Graphics-Power-Cable/dp/B000KU3QD8




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  • Cheers for links but non of them will work in a 9200 as it only has one Molex connector. (I think the ATi only used 1 but that was US only).
    This is what you will need. Look for these in the UK. Good Luck. :smileyhappy:
    Edit: Hook the blue Y-splitter to the one 4pin coming out of the PSU. Connect the 4pin to 6pin to one of the Y-splitter 4pins. Then either connect the 6pin to the card and your done, or to the IN 6pin on the card protector if you get one. Then plug the supplied cable to the OUT on the card protector and the other side of the 6pin cable to the card 6pin connector. Pretty simple. It Works great in my E521
    And now you have another 4pin at the end of the Y-splitter to add a case fan to the back of the machine.

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    Message Edited by xps200cali209 on 07-25-2007 05:32 PM
  • Hi, if that image is how you've got it working in your Dell please could you change its hosting as it does not show.
    So you are using a 8800GTX with one pure PCI-Express connector from the mobo and then another connector that is just using 1 molex, and you have no problems?
    If this is so could I use a 2molex to PCI-E adaptor and just connect the 1 molex to it?

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