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XPS410/Dimension 9200 8800GTX PCI-e Power Connection

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XPS410/Dimension 9200 8800GTX PCI-e Power Connection

  • I was just wanting to know how anyone who has bought a XPS410/Dim 9200 without a 8800GTX and then has upgraded to one solved the problem of only having one PCI-e power connector. I realise there are already posts on this but I would like to know what is the best way to achieve this, whether it uses Dells route of a splitter or whether to use a molex to PCI-e power connector (also does it have to be 2 molexs to power one PCI-e or will just a straight 1 molex to PCI-e work?). Also if there is anyone from the UK who can answer this question, where am I best buying the cable from?

    PS. Recently bought a ScanFX 8800 GTX, so if that includes the cables I will need please inform me, lol, thanks a lot
  • I used the Dell provided splitter for mine. No complaints or issues.
  • Cheers, do you know if Dell supply these if I were to ring them up? If not do you know where I could buy in in the UK?

    Update: I have checked all the usual websites in UK for a PCI-Express splitter (like Dell use) and have yet to find one. All I can find are 2 Molex to PCI-E, how would I apply this to my system as it has 1 molex?). Anyone got a link for splitter?

    Update 2: Found http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=159192 a 1 Molex to PCI-e. Would this supply enough power? Would it reach?

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  • ManyDimensions wrote:
    I used the Dell provided splitter for mine. No complaints or issues.

    I have 4 hdds in my rig and two optical drive, can I add a gtx in?
    XPS 410
    Pentium C2D E6700 2.66
    2 GB @ 667mzh (2 dimms)
    Dual 80GB Raptors @ 10,000 RPM in RAID 0 (silenced)
    320GB hdd
    160GB hdd
    NVIDIA 7900GS Zalman VF-900cu
    ATI TV Wonder 650 HD
    Diamond 24-bit 7.1 surround, w/ dolby digital live
    2407 & 2001 monitors
    logitech G7 mouse, G15 keyboard

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  • In my research on the very same issue, I've found the general consensus to be that you need to use the PCI-e splitter, not the twin or single molex 4 pin adapter.
    I just got mine from NewEgg, but apparently I bought the last one.  There are a couple identical to it (same brand, color, etc.) on eBay, but the price is higher.
    My trouble now is that I can't get frame rates any higher than 25 or so.  My old card did 40 or more... Check my other recent posts for more info.
  • sounds like you have a diriver issue
  • Just installed the card with the splitter that Dell provided me and it is running like a charm. Also users at CustomPC magazine UK have used the GTX with only 1 power connector connected with no problems at all so that might be a temporary fix for those trying 2 get a splitter.
  • thanks for the update, how many drives do you have in your rig?
  • Just the 1, but I'll be getting a PSU monitor soon so I'll tell you how much leway the PSU will have for multiple drives.