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Dimension 8100 processor upgrade

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Dimension 8100 processor upgrade

  • My Dimension 8100 has a P4 1.4ghz CPU. I would like to upgrade the processor. 1. What are the limitations of my motherboard as far as the CPU and it's speed? 2. There are many different model numbers for socket 423 CPUs. Are there certain models that I must consider and some that I must avoid, or will any socket 423 work? 3. I see that my current CPU is a 1.7core volt CPU. Some socket 423 CPUs state that they are 1.75volt. Does this make a difference?
  • My wife has an 8100 and we up graded it to a 2.8 ghz,512k fsb 400 478  socket  cpu ,northwood SL7EY. also converter socket 423 to 478 bought both on ebay, I believe the cpu was $152.00 (new)and the socket conversion was $23.50 (new)
  • Thanks for the reply, What are your afterthoughts about your upgrade? Did it improve speed significantly? Is it worth the effort? Do I understand that any 423 or 478 (with a convertor) CPU will work in my Dell 8100?
  • Older system, and you did not mention how much memory you have nor the video card.  If you are looking for better gaming, than the additional information is needed.  Spending at least $170.00 plus more for just the CPU is drawing the line on wasting too much money for so little gain. 
    Better gaming, needs at least the 7600 GT AGP slot card that cost about $ 170.00, and at least 1 gb of memory.  Card and cpu now costs around $ 340.00 not counting the memory ( About $ 200.00 more for another 512 mb stick ), which will put you up at approx $ 540.00 or more.  A good refurbished E510 system with most of the new technology without monitor will go for about $ 499.00, and you get a warranty on top of that as well.  Deals change every day.  So think hard and long before wasting good money on a old system.

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    2 Gb Corsair Dominator DDR-2 1066 Mhz
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    SATA 250 Gb WD 16 mb cache
    20x Lite On DVD burner
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    1 Gb 2100 DDR memory
    120 Gb Seagate 7,200 drive
    XFX 7800 GS O/C AGP
    410 watt p/s

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  • I have 768 mb of ram and a NVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra video card. I am happy with that for now, at least with Windows XP. My goal is to increase processor speed, if I can. Thare are many times when the processor is at 100% for extended times, which brings everthing to a standstill until it catches up. I am wondering if I can eliminate this with a 2.0 ghz or greater CPU. I see lots of CPUs on ebay and I could probably do this upgrade for under $100.00. One of my concerns is the compatibilty of CPUs with my Dell Dimension 8100. Will any socket 423 work? If I convert to socket 478, will any 478 work with my Dell?
  • ebay has the 423 conversion to 478  that will go with the 8100. I think there are about $23.00 now , We are happy with the results , I know on my 8200 it runs (Which I have updated to the 2.8 cpu from Ebay) Flightsim X very well , You will notice quite an improvement in your 8100  don't count the 8100's and the 8200 's out they are good machines,They were quality built thats more than I can say for the ones today,of course that again is my own opinion.