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Dimension 3100 Processor upgrade

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Dimension 3100 Processor upgrade

  • I have a 3100 with an Intel® Celeron® D Processor 331 (2.66GHz, 533FSB, 256k cache). I want to change the processor for a Pentium 4.
    Can this be done?
    Can i choose a P4 with HT? Do i need to match the FSB at 533?
    Do i need to change the RAM which is DDR 1GB
    I am thinking of Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology up to 640 (3.20GHz, 2MB cache, 800MHz FSB)  - Would this be ok? Dell offer these as an alternative for the 3100 on the web site, but i'm not sure of they would both be on the same motherboard and with the same ram etc..
    Do i need to up the power supply, currently a 230W one.
    On a separate note can i change the current 230W power supply for a 350W without frying my main board and other on board devices?
    Appreciate any comments.
    PB Trainer.
  • Not sure what you can upgrade to-but why do you want to? It's usually a waste of money to upgrade a low-end system like a 3100.
  • I guess i am just lookign at the number of games that recommend a Pentium processor and having read up on Celeron procesors everyone states a P4 runs faster.

    What about the power supply? Can i up the power supply to a 350W from 230W so i can drop in a 128mb pci graphics card i already have? Do you thinkt his will damage tha main board?



  • I'm not sure if the PSU is upgradeable on that system or not. Upgrading the CPU won't do much though, since you can't get even a low-end video card for it (best you can do is a sub-low end Geforce 6200).