SX280 CPU Upgrade - Dell support response

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SX280 CPU Upgrade - Dell support response

  • hello,


    i have one sx280, with an P4 3.20GHz, and made a ram upgrade so now i have 4Gb ram, but since i have a x32 OS i cant use all the 4GB,

    is it possible someone can tell me if this computer will work with a x64 processor, like those p4  6xx series?


    the bios says something about x64 processors.

    wich one can you advise me? and wich ones are compatible with this computer and wich ones will work (if they work) in x64

    p4 640 - 3.20GHz

    p4650 - 3.40GHz

    p4 660 - 3.60GHz

    p4 670 - 3.80,GHz

    or the ones finishing with an 1 or 2 like the 651, 661,662.

  • @ LTJET:

    wich processors have you used?

    the Intel P4 650 2M 800 3.4GHz, and the 660 2M 800 3.6GHz ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I am using my SX280 as a Windows Home Server, but i like to upgrade to Windows Homeserver Vail, but this needs a 64Bit CPU, and the CPU that i am having now is a Intel 520 2,8 Ghz, is the Intel 651 the correct one to upgrade maybe anybody can help me out ?






  • Hello,


    I havent figured it out exactly yet but from upgrading a few of these little boxes for workstations, we like 3.4's with 2gb ram, there seem to be some steppings that are incompatable with the sx280


    For example a P4 3.4 SL7J8 will not work but a SL7PY works. SL7J8 gives the incompatable processor message.  I got the same message on a 3.6 <dont have the exact number in front of me> but there are many confirmed 3.6 sx280's out there. 

    The heatsinks/fans seem to cool a 3.4 84watt cpu just fine in a work environment.


  • My sx280 had a Pentium 4 540 3.20GHZ 800MHZ 1MB Skt LGA 775 (SL7PW), i upgraded to a Pentium 4 640 3.2Ghz 800MHz 2Mb SL7Z8 CPU‏ sucessfully, so now im able to run x64 OS in this machine.

    In the end i bought the same clock speed but with the advantage of being capable of running x64 os.

    Also i have one slot of 2GB ddr2 ram 800mhz, i cant tell you if it is capable of running 2 rams of 2GB but this is an upgrade i think i will do very soon and then post here about the result, because in the specs they say this machine only supports 2x1Gb ram.

    Also im wondering what speed they are really working because the default ram it had was 2x512Mb 333MHz ddr2 ram

    Also i have this problem runnig windows 7 in this machine, i dont have graphics driver for this, i think intel never made one for this.

    I will post a photo from my bios,


  • heres the pictures from both ram and cpu info (BIOS)


  • Old Pentium 4s are not so easy to get over in the netherlands, i have somebody who has a Pentium 4 3.8 type 670 for sale, maybe this one will work ?


    Anybody ???

  • well you have two different models in those p4s,

    the ones with N0 and R0 stepping,

    SL7Z3 (N0) and SL8PY (R0)

    not sure if they are both compatible but mine 3.20GHz that i have upgraded has N0 stepping.

    its a Pentium 4 640 3.20GHz SL7Z8 (N0)

    please tell your results, i that CPU works you have a very good machine with one of the best CPUs of all time.

  • I know it's a pretty old thread but i just had to ask. I got the same little shoe box running on a P4 530 3.00ghz, and wanted to upgrade to the P4 670 3.80ghz which is pretty cheap by now, $20!, my question is since the 530 runs around 84watts and the 670 runs at 115watts, is there going to be any problems such frying the mobo,or the cpu itself? i know heat is a big issue since it doesnt have a cpu fan, just the copper heatsink and the front and rear fans. Would i be better of with the P4 650 that runs at 3.40ghz and have the same wattage as the p4 530, the 650 its pretty darn cheap @ $10? 

    List of processors : 

       Intel Pentium 4 640 1 / 2 3.2 GHz 2 MB 84 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 560 / 560J 1 / 2 3.6 GHz 1 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 561 1 / 2 3.6 GHz 1 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 650 1 / 2 3.4 GHz 2 MB 84 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 570 / 570J 1 / 2 3.8 GHz 1 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 571 1 / 2 3.8 GHz 1 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 660 1 / 2 3.6 GHz 2 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 662 1 / 2 3.6 GHz 2 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, VT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 662 (P) 1 / 2 3.6 GHz 2 MB 84 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, VT, SS
       Intel Pentium 4 672 1 / 2 3.8 GHz 2 MB 115 Watt NX, 64-bit, HT, VT, SS
  • the 670 is not listed in your chart - but it is at Intel.

    The air flow over the heatsink is fairly decent.  If you have a laser thermometer give it a shot today and see how it is.  I suspect that you will find it to be fairly low.

    You can always go with a CPU/fan combo if you want dedicated cooling right to the chip.  I do not recall if this chip can operate at a lower power level if not needed to run at 100%.

    You could go to the Pentium 4 661 with ESS vs SS and which maintains the same 85 watt limit and has 2 Mb L2 cache like the 670 - the 530 only as 1 Mb