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grrr - "cart empty"!!

  • Last night (22 November), I configured two possible systems for my son. I saved those configurations in my "wish list" (and, for the heck of it, confirmed that I could log out of the site, log back in, and still see the items in my cart). They system told me that the items would remain in my cart until 22 December.
    Today (23 November) I get the "cart empty" message. Grrrrr!!!! What did I do wrong? Why did these configs disappear (inconveniently, BEFORE my son could review them and choose between them)? Can you get them back?
  • that's happened to me before.  your cart is empty.  there will be a link however to see saved items.  find that link and add the items back to your "active" cart

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  • This has happened to me, in 2011 now! I spent a bunch of time putting items in the cart, which would be saved for a month supposedly. All lost! Thanks for the advice, but clicking on the link that referenced saved carts did not get me any cart contents either. Frustrated at having to re-create my order.