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Dimension 4300s / FoxConn LS-36 motherboard

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Dimension 4300s / FoxConn LS-36 motherboard

  • Hello all, I hope somebody can help me with this. 

    The motherboard for the Dimension 4300s is the FoxConn LS-36.  Socket 478.  The one mounted in my old one is Revision A00. 

    Mine is burned out and they seem to be VERY hard to come by.  However, replacing it is not a pressing issue as I have long since built myself a custom system that should last me for many years.  Still, I keep my eye out for a replacement MB for the 4300s.

    Anyway, I recently found on eBay two FoxConn LS-36 socket 478 mobos.  Sweet.  I grabbed them both.  Anyway, upon receipt, I find they will not fit the mobo tray and back plate for the 4300s. 

    Thing is, both new boards are factory labeled as the (Dell) FoxConn LS-36.  They are both also revision A00.    

    The boards are very similar.  They are both socket 478 in fact.

    But upon closer inspection, there are too many key differences to use the boards in the 4300s. 

    The new ones have far more I/O ports on the back panel.  Also, the mounting brackets for the CPU heat sink are slightly different.  Nor will the 4300s card cage mount on the mobo.  Like I said though, the worst thing is that they will not mount on the mobo tray.

    So I guess this all boils down to three questions. 

    1.  Why would two Dell boards labeled as the same make, model, and revision be so dissimilar??

    2.  Most important question: in what other systems did Dell use the FoxConn LS-36 mobo??  (of any revision).

    3.  And finally, what case(s), Dell or otherwise, might these mutated LS-36 mobos fit in??

    All help is appreciated.

  • The 4300S boards will fit only the 4300S chassis.

    There are successor models (4500S, 4550S, etc) that use the same chassis but the boards for which are not identical.

    There were also several OptiPlex models using similar but not identical boards and chassis.

    Message Edited by ejn63 on 10-31-2005 06:51 AM

  • I appreciate your input.  Your observations led me down a path for question # 2.  In fact my good man, you may have been right on target with your Optiplex observation.

    I got to looking at some of the Optiplex boards.  I am now pretty sure that my mystery mobos may have come from an Optiplex GX270.

    So then, question # 4: does anybody know if the GX270 had a FoxConn LS-36 mobo??

    I may as well add question # 5:  will the Optiplex GX270 mobo fit in any other case??  Non Dells included??

    I am still confounded as to how and why two different boards would have the same make, model, and revision. 

    BTW, I have found even more differences than I first mentioned.  It just keeps getting better.

    Anybody else want to chip in?  It seems my list of questions just keeps growing......

  • None of these will fit into anything other than the slimline Dell chassis in which they shipped.

    Note that while the Dimensions used a single small desktop case, the OptiPlex were available with at least three different small chassis - a minidesktop (very similar to the Dimension), a micro-desktop with an external power supply and a micro tower configuration.

    All of these are effectively computing appliances - they're highly proprietary and very non-upgradeable. They're designed to be small and easy to service, with very little attention to anything else.
  • Thanks again.  As with most cheaper Dell's, I guess they fit what they fit.
    Do you know anything about the FoxConn questions?? 
    What board the Optiplex actually used??
    If I am right about it, I can then start searching for an appropriate case to match my boards.
    Failing that, I could at least properly market them for resale.
  • You might want to have a look here for a description of the three small format Optis - there is also a full size Opti, that uses a case identical to the Dimension tower chassis.

  • You were once again right on target. 
    Those diagrams were exactly what I needed.
    I am now more convinced than ever that my mystery mobos are for the Optiplex GX270.  Specifically, the small(est) form factor.
    Thanks for your help.
    If anybody else wants to chime in, please feel free to do so.  I will check this forum until I reach a final dispostion of these mobos.
  • Hello:

    My nephew had bought a Foxconn L S-36 Dell Motherboard off of ebay. And we were trying find out more about it. The guy told him it came out of a XPS Demension 600. When I checked it out. it was the same board.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    So, u might like to check this out and see if it is the one that he has.

    Thank you

    Alien Menace


  • I've found many good deals and a little extra info on Dell parts here:
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  • I've also seen this board in the Dimension 5000.  It's a Foxconn board with Dell-branding.